Terri Kaiser

Gosh, it's so nice to hear the hum of lawnmowers again and see the occasional boat or camper go by. We've waited so long for this!

I am writing from my screen porch on a lovely evening serenaded by the birds, the scent of newly cut grass hanging on the air, and the sun dusting the tops of the trees. The maple, birch and poplar are budding beautifully and the daffodils along the driveway are showing their sunny selves.

It won’t be long and I'll be spending lots of time outside my planting dahlia bulbs. Years ago, a friend gave me one tuber and promised I would have brilliant red blooms later in the summer. She also gave me instructions to dig it up in the fall before the frost.

That plant bloomed like crazy. When I dug it up in the fall, the tuber had multiplied, and I was able to ease them apart, making for another two or three plants. This has continued on for several years now, and I have enough dahlias to surround the house if I were so inclined. I now have bags and bags of tubers in the basement to plant in my flower beds. A few years ago, I gave one bag of tubers to our son in Minneapolis, and he is now running out of room to plant them. They are truly a gift that keeps on giving. I look forward to getting them in the ground again where, later in the season, I will have lush green plants topped with brilliant red blooms that will take us into fall. Thanks, Mary! And I have never forgotten to dig them up! Go figure.

I am just itching to get into the garden and plant veggies, but it’s too soon. My tomato plants are more than ready to take their place in the soil. I may put in some strawberry plants as well this year. Here’s hoping the lilacs will produce a few nice bouquets. They were a sorry bunch last year but hope springs eternal. The deer and rabbit repellent and I have been hanging out together a lot as well. I should buy stock in the company. (And yes, I have tried making my own).

We spent this last weekend in Milwaukee, a girl’s trip with my sisters and mother as we attended a one hundredth birthday party for our Aunt Blanche Mulry. She’s quite the inspiration to us all. Taking some time to explore the neighborhoods around the big city, we were treated to flowering crabs in pink and white and beds of tulips, it seemed, everywhere. My flowering crab is a bit behind theirs and I’ve given up on tulips as the deer think they are candy. Never fails, they get to them before I get out the repellent.

I moved around a few plants this year. Two of my burning bushes hadn’t done well in the past and I have come to realize they aren’t getting enough sun. We’ll see what this year brings as they experience their new home by the potting shed. I also transplanted some of the snow-on-the-mountain and a few of the tiger lilies.

The sun is finally behind the evergreens along the west side of the yard. The deer have come out to feed in the field and the air has cooled. It’s time to go in. So, here’s to spring being with us at last! May she graciously take us into summer.

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