Terri Kaiser

Before you get yourself worked up, the four four-letter words I'm talking about are Love Snow, Hate Snow. Okay, I know I used snow twice. Now, I could have used that as the title for this article, you might be thinking, but let's face it, four-letter words tend to get our attention more than all those other words.

For me, I LOVE snow as it's falling down in big, hungry flakes that make the outdoors look like it should be in a snow globe or on a postcard. I would say my relationship with snow depends on the month. I HATE snow in October and April; not wild about it in November and March. In the month of May, upon seeing snow, I want to poke a stick in my eye.

There are two months I left out and that's December and January. I don't mind snow in the least during those times. If you don't share that opinion, you're living on the wrong side of these United States. When the homes are decorated for the season with twinkling lights, and the trees are frosted white, is there anything prettier?

Did you ever stop and think about the life of a snowflake? Really? You haven't?

Imagine with me: being carried along in a puffy cloud, a city of little snowflakes all coexisting happily together, as you drift over the frosty world below. Then, a northern zephyr blows through and you are suddenly set free to dance upon the wintry breeze on your way earthward, dizzy with anticipation of what life on Earth will hold.

Sounds idyllic, doesn't it? That is, until you land on the snowy landscape only to be scooped up by a mittened hand and slammed into a ball, and then launched at the nasty kid across the street, left to remain part of a snow bank, eventually to turn yellow after a visit from Fido. Then a southerly flow of air morphs your existence into liquid and you slide into a muddy ditch, where you are then evaporated and the journey begins again.

Yep, would not want to be a snowflake.

The other day I actually got off my duff and helped with shoveling as my husband plowed, then spent an afternoon with the Beautification Committee putting lights up on the pavilion in downtown Park Falls. If it weren't for snow, and all we had was cold, the television and I would become best friends — and my joints would freeze up quicker than snot (a disgusting four-letter word).

So anyway, whether you love snow or hate it, it's a fact of life in wonderful Wisconsin. Get out there and enjoy it if you can, because if you don't, it makes it hard to look out the windows. And for heavens’ sake, be careful out there!

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