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Is there anything better in this world than a good cookie? A yummy cookie can cure a lot of ills. Just think of it. It can calm a crying child or bribe a naughty one, stem hunger between meals, add the needed sweetness to cover for a meal that wasn't exactly the best, and fix a plethora of other life challenges.

I can't remember a day when I haven't craved a chocolate chip cookie. Those golden little orbs dotted with chocolate and walnuts. Actually, I could give or take the nuts. But think of it, the buttery, sweet aroma when they first come out of the oven. Their deliciousness wafts through the house and surrounds us. Comforting, soothing, delighting. How can a person be angry or sad with a newly-baked chocolate chip cookie in hand? As your schnoz takes in that awesome aroma, you raise it to your mouth and experience pure heaven.

Honestly, if our world leaders would just get together and bake some cookies, I really think we could all be friends. Picture it: Trump and Kim Jung Un in matching aprons, hair nets holding back those interesting hairstyles, wooden spoons in hand with bags of chocolate chips, flour and sugar just waiting their turn. Sure, the flour may fly, eggs might be launched and butter flung, but in the end, they would share their bounty and a glass of milk, and life would be good. It could happen — really.

Then there are peanut butter cookies. And if they have chocolate chips in them, all the better. And molasses and ice box cookies. Those last two hearken back to the nostalgia of Grandma's kitchen and old fashioned winter days inside with steamy cups of cocoa.

My mother makes these cookies that really have no name. It was a recipe brought to our family by a relative after visiting England many years ago. Molasses and ginger, coconut and walnuts. A different combination, I know, but extremely satisfying. And the batter is ever so yummy. Yes, I am a batter-eater, too. Any cookie batter.

And finally, Christmas cookies! Cut-outs are my favorite. A pain in the patootie to make, but worth it in the end. My boys had wonderful fun helping to decorate them, and I had an absolute blast trying to clean it all up. We'd have frosting and sprinkles on the table and chairs, the floor and the walls, and end up with some scary creations in the end. And I miss those cookies dreadfully.

I still make little Spritz trees that I decorate with red or green sprinkles, or multi-colored candies that look just like Christmas lights. They are small, and just the right size to pop in your mouth as you pass by the cookie jar. And I pass by the cookie jar a lot.

In years past, I made many other varieties of Christmas cookies, but they have gone by the wayside as I'm not as ambitious as I used to be — and my waistline is expanding with every year that goes by.

Now really, if life throws you a rotten bone, bake some cookies and either revel in your success or laugh at the failure and then feed them to the birds and rabbits and the neighborhood kids you don't like. Just kidding on that last part.

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