The first week of June was a walk on the wild side for me. Well, not really the wild side, it was the usual walking and biking along the byways near my home but wildlife of a variety has been in abundance. There are usually whitetail does anywhere and everywhere I travel, but now they are accompanied by the newest spotted arrivals. I’ve seen four whitetail fawns thus far, one in the field near our satellite dish, one whose mama haunts the area across the road from our driveway, one down the road near the corner intersection, nursing, and one who could barely navigate stumbling herky jerky across Highway 182 as I was driving home from a softball game. Adorable. If I hadn’t come to a complete stop I’d have hit the tiny quadruped with my truck. His focus was on getting to mama on the opposite side of the highway and nothing else.

Less attractive was the doe I saw crossing 182 that same evening. I’ve seen her before. Her right ear flops down instead of standing upright alongside the left, and when she crossed in front of me that ear was visibly a bloody mess. I surmise insect life has been after it, poor thing. I can only imagine the discomfort as summer begins and the heat increases.

As a friend and I were taking a walk one morning during the week past a small bear crossed in front of us. Not a cub by any means, but not a full-grown bruin either. Probably in his second year. Last spring Rick and I had seen a sow with three cubs in almost the exact spot where this one crossed. It barely gave us a glance as it ambled from one side of the road to the other and I wondered if mama and some siblings were hidden in the woods on one side of the road or the other, out of sight but watchful.

Later the same day, on a different stretch of road and accompanied by my grandkids, a small red fox crossed our path. His coat looked fine and healthy and his tail was a broad white and red plume. Quick as a wink he disappeared into the trees too, much to the kids’ dismay. Think he was just at the little creek for a quick sip before going about whatever business foxes go about. Hope his relatives leave the chickens alone down at the farm.

I tend to think a rabbit has taken up residence under our back deck. Every time someone steps out the patio door a brown flash with still-white feet takes off from underneath and jets off into the woods. Of late this has occurred more than a dozen times. Wondering if she is a momma and we’ll have a Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter chewing on the flora hereabouts before long.

Hummingbirds have been feasting on the bleeding hearts at the front of the house. The grandkids and I got their feeders ready with nectar — one for the front yard, one for the back and the hummers found them right quick. Such an amazing little bird. Traveling all those miles south and back again with those tiny wings. The zzzzmmmm is interesting when they flutter near one’s ear.

Crows, robins and nuthatches are a constant in the neighborhood, as are chipmunks and squirrels. I tend to take them for granted since they are ultra-familiar.

Mosquitoes are the less welcome “wildlife.” As soon as I don’t have a head scarf or a boonie hat on they find a place to nibble at the scalp delineated by the part in my hair. Itch-causing devils. Some always find their way into the house, creating a swatfest until they are eradicated. Could be worse I guess. “I don’t like spiders and snakes…” butterflies on the other hand are silent always welcome beauties.

Wonder what wildlife viewing opportunities next week will bring?

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