As we sought to enjoy the ever growing fewer days of summer vacation the chill and wily west wind attempted interference. It was as if its strongest desire was to sweep away all vestiges of the halcyon days of enjoying our ease, whatever that ease might consist of. The tiny red and white badminton birdie could not withstand its strength, either dropping at the feet of the servers or landing behind them. We sought to escape it but regardless of building or tree locations we thought might block it there was no hiding; a live thing it chased us, it swirled its way here and twirled its way there, finding openings. There was no nook or cranny it could not slip through, gain access and upset the balance of play. Even bean bags, which are a bit heavier than those little plastic birdies, were difficult to find the mark with in a game of toss, especially when tossing from the east! Much as I normally love wind; hair tossing breath taking wind, on that day it was not something to revel in but rather a major annoyance.

But perseverance is our middle name (unless bats are involved, adults and children alike headed inside when a bat made several swoops at our flying birdies during an evening game of badminton not too long ago, but as if often the case, I digress) so we managed playing to 21 twice with the bean bags and their boards. A tie, each team winning one game. No tie-breaker was necessary, we let the wind toss us indoors, all rosy-cheeked and laughing, for other pursuits. Clouds were beginning to roll in anyway. Rain is best enjoyed while under cover is my thought.

But suddenly all feels so bittersweet simply because... Notice how short the hours of daylight are becoming? We’ve enjoyed quite a few sunny days during August, but it seems only yesterday it was light til nearly 10 p.m., now dusk is gathering by 8 even, even on the sunniest of days. When its cloudy, blah, its gloomy throughout and takes me along with it. Remember “Hee Haw”, a long-running television show. “Gloom, despair and agony on me.” That song was sung in a bit of jest but summer is truly all too brief, and even though it won’t officially end for almost a month, after Labor Day it seems as if it’s gone. And we know all to well what follows. Our winters have become an endurance test and in my case weather is ahead a million to zip.

Then again maybe we’ll have a lovely autumn. It’s been known to happen. Leaf swishing bright days. And by time this korner appears in print, which will be post Labor Day, September could be lavishing us with a final blast of summer, full sunshine and warm.

Our daughter got married on a September day. Temps were in the 90’s and it was humid to boot of course. Maybe, just maybe…

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