Never fear, I won’t fill up the entire issue of The Review by listing all of them but one came very close to home Sunday past. It’s a summer bugaboo that may apply to others as well as me, and I think it’s part of my genetic code thanks to my dear old dad, but I cannot stand a half-mown lawn. It drives me crazy! If it’s all scraggly and untrimmed it’s an annoyance but I don’t let it bother me much. But if half of it looks like a kid who just got his first haircut, even and neat as a pin and the other half looks like Medusa on a bad hair day it attacks my psyche on some basic level. And so it seemed it could be last weekend.

Truth is our yard is not some pastoral expanse, nor does it bear any resemblance to a golf course. It has dandelions in their season, there are weeds in some places (but at least they’re green) and some baldish spots where Wisconsin winters have taken a toll. But when it’s all trimmed up and at an even height it is an enjoyable sight to my aging eyes. I can even appreciate its imperfections to a degree if it’s not six inches tall here and eight inches tall over there. Erk.

Since we’d spent Saturday (the only sunny day of the week since last since last Monday and Tuesday when I mowed the farm lawn, which grows much more quickly than the one here at home) out of town watching our granddaughter’s traveling softball team play, and Monday means back to work (at least for the next five days) Sunday was cleaning house/cutting the home grass day. And wouldn’t you know it, I’d just gotten a good start when it began to sprinkle. It was a calculated risk to even begin. The day was overcast and rather chilly. Not to go totally off on a tangent here but I deem it strange to be wearing a winter jacket while pushing a lawnmower and swatting mosquitoes away at the same time. Not to mention all the sneezing going on, not from gasoline fumes but there’s a spot in the lawn that looks like snowfall with all the popple pollen accumulated there. Oi.

Anyway… I felt the first sprinkles when I was about a third of the way done. My first thought was “well, you mowed right through that little thunderstorm last summer and it was all good”. But of course the nagging thought rose up in my recall that THAT particular day had been otherwise sunny, interrupted by a briefly passing shower. With the look of the cloud-filled Sunday sky it could soak all day without letup, as it had many days during the week past, or not. There’d been an inch-and-one-half in the rain gauge when I finally emptied it Sunday morning which made things appear to be leaning away from the “or not” and toward the “all-day soak”. But thankfully that is not what transpired.

A few sprinkles were all we got. My old mow the grass tennis shoes barely got damp and all is neat as a pin, relatively speaking, for now at least. With my sanity fully intact I tucked my half-mown yard pet peeve away for the time being and took a walkabout to see what I could see. And still the rain held off. It’s suppertime now and remains cloudy, but also dry. Such a blessing.

Another blessing: As I was mowing around the garden spot it struck me that in but a few short days we can put our little garden in. Peas and carrots, beets and tomatoes… Then another of my summer pet peeves might rear its ugly head. Frosty nights in June. Ugh. Only time will tell, I guess.

Oh, lest I be remiss: Congratulations to all the members of the graduating class of 2021. Enjoy this milestone, but be safe in your celebrations too, okay?

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