It’s a bit ridiculous when one can’t take a shower in peace and privacy. It begs the question: why did the Lord see fit to create the mosquito? Perhaps swatting can become a new form of exercise. Or a dance craze. It worked for the mashed potato, the twist and the watusi. Elvis sang “do the clam, do the clam, grab your barefoot baby by the hand…dig right in and do the clam” why not sing “swat the skeeter, swat the skeeter, life without their biting will be sweeter… reach right out and swat the skeeter.” Hey, works for me. We haven’t had a week of full summer yet and I’m plum sick of the buzzing little biters already. When I was a kid I used to hide my head under the blankets at night to escape the noise and possible blood loss, I confess to revisiting that activity. *sigh*

Did you get to enjoy the longest day and the beginning of a new season? So many years we’ve been beset by cloudy skies and rain, but Friday past was sunny and beautiful morning until night. Actually one of the few truly warmish days thus far. I fear its going to be one of “those” summers. We might have to freeze dry the hay, sleep with the windows closed and never ever bring a fan out of the closet to cool things down. Used to be June was a really hot month. (I was a bridesmaid in my older sister’s wedding one long ago June, that gown and nylons were torture. If my hair hadn’t been stiff with hairspray the humidity would’ve had it in frizzles all over the place). That hot month status changed to August by the time I walked down the aisle. (A wedding gown is heavier than the bridesmaidenly variety and my hair did begin to lose the painstakingly created curls my sister had managed to bestow on my stubborn locks -- with frizzies extending from my ringlets. Geez). But now. Now weather is without any rhythm whatsoever. Mother Nature better take things in hand, her offspring are getting downright unruly. We’ve been attending the grandkids baseball and softball games during the past three weeks. One day a sweatshirt was necessary, the next game a simple t-shirt was fine, but there were a couple games where I brought blankets to wrap up in. This is no fib: during one game a week or so ago I had a long underwear top on underneath my sweatshirt and coat. Is that any way for a season’s weather to behave? Spring was a terrible brat, much in need of a time out. Perhaps Summer will be better behaved.

Summer. July knocking. Hard to believe it’s just around the corner. Summer always flies on swift wings while winter drags its feet as if they are encased deep in concrete. Or snow as the case may be. I make every attempt to enjoy every minute of these spring and summer days. My morning walk is one of the highlights of each day, even if it doesn’t occur until afternoon. An evening bike ride can round out a full day so nicely. Then there are the multitude of projects. Some of them have reached fruition while others are still in the “thinking about” stages and some are frozen, caught in mid-stride. Typical really. I’ll get to each one – sooner or later – very possibly later. Hey, it’s summer!

One irritant. I have not yet been fishing. This needs to change and right quick. The bluegills are calling my name.

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