Ever see the commercial that advises us to stop cleaning and start swiffering? Well there are a lot of bare floors in our house so I took that advice to heart very early on. I use the big puffy Swiffer cloths, the ones recommended for homes that have pets. We don’t have a dog any more, have never had a cat or any other critter, with the exception of goldfish and they don’t shed much, inside our home so why the heavy-duty cleaning artillery? Me. I’ve had long hair for what seems like forever now. Not Crystal Gayle length hair, but exceptionally long hair nevertheless. A sad fact is that most of what can be found on those heavy-duty cloths when I’m not cleaning but swiffering is hair that has come from my very own head! It’s a wonder I’m not bald as an egg with all the shedding I do. I fully realize I’m overly attached to my hair, but regardless, I’m not yet ready to go shorter so it's bothersome for me to find so much of it floating around the house to become attached to a sweeper cloth. Yet there seems to be plenty left up there so guess I’m good, at least for now. If I see a Yul Brynner like visage when I look in a mirror true worry will spring forth.

In last week’s korner I wrote a bit about masks and how uncomfortable, and possibly expensive, for hearing aid wearers such as myself they could be. I read an article online directed at hearing aid users with longish hair. It advised that we wear our hair “up.” Hah! My skills at hair styling are about as equivalent to my skills at flying a spaceship to the moon, which equals none. But I have done my best to turn the “messy bun” that is my go-to in summer to a bit of a neater bun on my work days. I use two of those claw-like clips, a big one to hold the bun up and in place and a smaller one to hold the hair that won’t fit into the big clip somewhat in place underneath. It works for the most part, but by mid-day there are wisps here, there and everywhere that I make my best attempt to control. And though there seems to be much hair on the cleaning cloth there must be more than enough up there because it grows heavy by work day’s end, plus a bit painful, and I want it down, down, down. I must admit wearing it up does make mask-wearing easier, especially with extenders, some of which are stretchy enough to place over the large clip and help (a little bit anyway) to keep the escaping wisps in place. I do the best I can. I’ve never been much more than a wash and go hair person. Oh I can do a regular braid, a pony or a half pony but admit I used an illustrated step by step book to guide me when my daughter wanted a French braid put in for the first time. Hair styling is definitely NOT my superpower. Hmmmm. Perhaps shedding hair is. Bet if I examined the birds’ nests around the yard I’d find some of my locks as part of the nesting material. Repurposing is good.

Well these days when I’m out of doors my hair is covered by a hat in any case. It’s been unseasonably cool hereabouts and the trees are shedding leaves at a faster clip than yours truly sheds hair. The time for the rake and the leaf blower has arrived. And this year I’ve decided to give mulching a try. Wish me luck. The last time I attempted it the front end of the riding mower became a “leaf plow.” But I do love my maple (and basswood and birch and oak, etc.) woods.

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