Have a combined surprise birthday party for the daughter and the granddaughter she thought. Their birthdays are only six days apart she thought. It will be fun she thought. We haven’t seen much of our extended family for more than a year she thought. Finally, some good reasons to celebrate she thought. Plus we won’t have an opportunity after haying season begins to do much more than work, she thought.

So she contacted the fam to see who could come on the appointed day. They volunteered to pitch in with some of the food and/or drink, which left her feeling most grateful for all of them since the kitchen is not her favorite room, or cooking her favorite wheelhouse. She got decorations suitable for the age of each celebrant. She ordered a cake, because baking for her daughter would be like bringing coals to Newcastle. She ordered cupcakes, because she’s not so good with sprinkles and even as a teenager her granddaughter loves sprinkles. She mowed the grass on Thursday so it would be short enough not to interfere with a possible game of croquet on Saturday. She used a ladder to get the birdie down off the garage roof to be used in a possible game of badminton on Saturday. She checked out the bean bag toss to see if it had withstood being caught in the rain last summer and would be usable on Saturday. She put the yard Yahtzee games out in the garage so they would be close at hand. She browned burger for sloppy joes and soaked beans for baked beans ala mom’s recipe. She cut up fruit. She cut up vegetables. Rick rearranged his garage to make more room for tables and chairs. They set them up. They decorated. They looked good. They were the best laid of plans she thought.

She thought. Then Friday came.

In our little korner of the world the changing of the seasons can be, perhaps abrupt is the best word. A scant week ago folks were covering plants and bringing in hanging baskets because of frost. A scant week ago a sweatshirt was needed to take a morning stroll or an evening bike ride. A scant week ago there was frost on the roof of the same garage that the birdie had been saved from. Friday afternoon she took the coolers out into the garage so they’d be ready for ice come Saturday forenoon. She felt as if she’d been engulfed in dragon’s breath! No gradual warmup had occurred, as one might think the case should be between spring and summer, even in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. No easing in so a body could acclimate. Of course not! The country group Alabama once sang of a car that went “from zero to 60 in 5.2”, being seconds we can presume. Much like that the temps went from 32 to 82 in what might seem to be the same amount of time.

Oi. The house nor the garage has air conditioning she thought. Usually it’s cool enough in either to withstand heat or humidity she though. Sometimes the help of a fan is necessary and we do fine. But what of our company? She hoped several circulating fans would suffice for all. She hoped the humidity wouldn’t climb into oblivion for all. She hoped the several cases of water on hand would keep us all hydrated.

She thought, couldn’t the dragon have waited just a day or two to make an appearance? She hoped, can the dragon hold his breath come Saturday?

Only time would tell.

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