The first month of the new year is already winding to a close. I’ve still not figured out if time is actually moving faster, or if I’m just slower, making it SEEM as if time is moving faster. At present, I’m leaning toward the latter. What chores I once could accomplish in a morning now take me well into the afternoon. Where once I could stay up ‘til all hours reading or watching some television program or film that held my interest now finds me asleep only a few moments in. “Quantum Leap” and “Back to the Future” notwithstanding I wonder if it is even possible to speed up, slow down or leap time. My first preference would be to slow it down. Turning it back once seemed a viable option before I began to wonder how far back it would take me. Before my hubby? Before my kids? That didn’t seem all too wise. Leaping could work, but leaping at my age is difficult, one could break a hip. I ultimately embraced the slow down theory. It remains a theory of course, but one shouldn’t blame a gal for theorizing!

Thus far one huge source of pride as we near the end of this first month of 2021 is that not once in the past 23 days has a check been written by yours truly with the mistakenly put 2020 in the year line. Yes! This is the first change of year in my memory banks that holds that little success. And I admit it is but a little success. But let it be said that when reach a certain age, we indeed relish the small. Even if writing the correct date on a check is our small achievement it is still an achievement.

My socks were a bit knocked off when grandson Jacob reached his ninth birthday during this month. How in the world? (Again, she goes with the time thing, geez). So it seems like yesterday he was a little bundle, then a bustling toddler, now he’s the exact age his great-great grandfather was when he crossed the Atlantic via steamship with his family to make America his new home. Yup. I wonder how it was for HIM at age nine? I look at Jacob and know when he travels with his family there is a sense of adventure sometimes coupled with a bit of fear of the unknown. Usually adventure wins out, but he hasn’t traveled the Atlantic by steamer in the cold month of November. Did that youngster look at the vast sea with wonder and excitement or abject fear? Perhaps it was a mix of both. Did he miss those friends and family that were left behind in the village where he’d been born and spent his earliest years? Or was he the adventurous sort, ready even at a young age to plot a new course? Who knows?! No one still living! Yet my thoughts run this way often. Ancestral migration brought us to a common place, and thank goodness! Else I’d not be me, or have my kids and my grandkids to show for it!

The weather has been odd in this first month of the new year too. January is usually the month of bitter cold. December nor January have held much snow or cold weather. Though the week preceding my keystroking this column held its fair share of wild winds. When we went out for an evening walk it seemed we were always headwinded, regardless of which direction we were travelling. Odd that. And chilly. It set me remembering a time my oldest brother had frost-bitten ears because he refused to wear a stocking cap on a frigid winter’s day and muss his hair-do. He resembled Howdy Doody by time he was nearing home. As I looked out the living room window watching his approach, I knew it was him, but those ears? Our mother was not impressed to say the least. Vanity thy name was not woman in that case. Was it colder back then? Snowier? Actually I think in those days the weather was just more orderly. December was warmish and snowy, January clear and freezing. Yup. Orderly. Nothing orderly about the present days’ weather, is there?

But I’m not going to complain about the lack of winter’s chill. The possibility still exists that winter will overlap spring. I’m thinking more positive thoughts. February is short. March will blow in like a lamb. So for now it’s bye-bye January, hello heart month. I already put out some Valentine decorations (tee hee) bye-bye January, hello “heart month”. I’ve even put out some Valentine décor if you can believe it. Hey, don’t judge, I’ll take anything to add cheer to life in the time of COVID, even a string of red, heart-shaped lights outside and some old-fashioned paper chains within.

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