The years fly. It seems we were just ringing in 2019 and now it’s well on its way out. My folks always said time passes more quickly as we age. Or seems to. I concur. When I was a kid, I thought time was just dragging on — couldn’t wait to be 12, 16, 18, 21 and so on. Now I wish there was, if not a rewind, at least a pause button. Mom and Dad were right on, quantum physics notwithstanding.

There were some highs and lows during the year past, as there always are, but some of those that took place in 2019 were lower than the usual. I try for positivity. I try to look on the bright side. I try to find the silver lining. Sometimes I’m successful with that and other times not so much. Losing dear friends, suddenly and surprisingly or with full knowledge that the end is nigh, is tough. Watching family and friends go through hardships and battles with illness or just plain old bad luck, and feeling helpless to help ease that pain or break that nasty jinx is tough too. We ride the storms of our own lives as well; weathering them as best we can and sometimes our best falls short.

And what about that weather of year past? It was nothing to write home about. Winter snow was endless — lasting well into what should technically be spring. If March is still considered the month for kite flying we’d have needed to do it atop snowshoes and hold tight to that string. Spring was maybe a week of pussywillows blooming and water running before summer came on in a most inglorious fashion. Overall summer was rainy. Overall summer was cool. Oh sure, there were some pleasant days mixed in, but not enough to be termed those crazy, lazy, hazy days of drinking lemonade in the shade of a maple tree, or swimming in the creek. You know, the stuff of television commercials. Then came autumn. It was a bit of a bust too. We did have beautiful color for a span of time, and some unseasonably warm temps, but much like summer before it, it was rainy and cool. Bitter cold came on way too early. Snow was not far behind (lots of snow). It’s been a rollercoaster of deep freeze and moving snow all through both November and December. Thanksgiving was late, Christmas hard on its heels and 2020 is all but knocking on the door. What will it bring?

The town was hard hit in other ways with the closing of the local paper mill, a mainstay of steady employment for well over a hundred years. That causes a ripple effect much more disastrous than the aforementioned bad weather. A lifestorm for many, and a difficult one to navigate.

On a personal note, I had two friends pass on in vastly different ways. One as a result of a tragic accident, the other to simple time and the effect it has on the human body. That word again. Time.

As I look at it we can view time as our friend or our enemy depending on perspective. I sought my quotations collection and found too vastly differing views:

“Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, the hours are going by. The past increases, the future recedes. Possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting.” —Haruki Murakami - Author

“I don't want to sit on the sidelines and not value the gift of being here. Instead of the idea of time ticking away, the grains of sand running out, I try to think of time as giving me another grain of sand, another gift. So time passing is an accumulation, rather than a diminishing.” —Tori Amos - Musician

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