We’ve all lost things. Or at least misplaced them. Keys, wallet, glasses. And often we indulge in a “duh moment” — “it was in the last place I looked” — well of course it was in the last place you looked, since once you’d found it the need to keep looking in further places became unnecessary.

My basement is not as messy as it once was, with boxes and bins stored hither and yon in slapdash fashion. Though the eight-man camp tent is now set up smack in the middle since grandson Jacob visited on a rainy day and it was the only place that would fit his erstwhile “hunting” camp. But I digress. And realize my seque was not all that neat. In any case, there is a storage room in the basement now, with rows of neat shelves full of Rubbermaid and other brands of containers wherein are kept the stuff that holidays, and a few memories, are made of. Yet somehow the holidays became intermingled and some precious items were thought lost.

My friend Jody was over and I was going through an organizational venture. We had a movie in the DVD player as a “something to do besides sort” that she had never seen, and I was deep into a light blue bin that somehow contained not only summer décor, but Halloween, Christmas flowers and a string of lights that looked like tiny colored Easter eggs. I don’t recall ever having those lights strung at Easter or any other time, but when I plugged them in they worked so maybe next year. Then there were silk poinsettias. I have a giant wooden bucket that becomes a “vase” at Christmas time, and that bucket and those flowers are dear to me since they once belonged to my late mother. But Christmas stuff is packed in red and green bins, clearly labelled. Yet here were Christmassy type flowers in a light blue bin. How in the world? And the light blue bin held the little ghost and haunted house I’d painted during a long-ago ceramics class that I attended along with my sister-in-law Judy. Holiday décor and memories combined. But autumnal things are in a dark blue bin, also clearly labelled, not in a light blue one. Hmmm? I’d thought those two tiny treasures lost and missed them during autumn 2018, yet here they were, simply in the wrong bin. By the time Jake Green was well on his way to saving Jericho, Kansas the stuff of holidays and memory was all back where it belonged.

In all honesty I must confess that if the tiny ghost, the silken poinsettias and Easter egg lights which I’d all but forgotten I possessed truly became lost it would not have been the end of the world. They are things. Things of little value except for my own sentiment. But we lose others things in this life, things more important than decorations or childhood artwork. And I must wonder if those losses too are our own fault, simply because we’ve placed them in a wrongly labelled bin.

Think about what, or who, may be missing in your life. Is it in a box somewhere on a shelf? Even if that box and shelf resides only in your heart or in your mind. It is true some things are beyond our power to retrieve. They are well and truly gone. Others, like my little tidbits of holiday décor, have simply been misplaced via mislabelling. Perhaps those more important things we think are lost and beyond our reach can be found again. And most probably they will yet be found in that last place we look.

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