Syringes containing the COVID-19 vaccine are displayed on Jan. 6 in Pompano Beach, Fla. The nation’s biggest immunization rollout in history is facing pushback from an unlikely source: health care workers who witnessed COVID-19′s devastation firsthand but are refusing shots in surprising numbers.

With the COVID-19 vaccine now available to select groups of the public, the immunization rate in Price County and across the state continues to slowly climb even as new cases of the virus are decreasing.

As of Monday, 13.9% of Wisconsinites and 16.3% of Price County residents had received at least one dose of the vaccination, with 608 people in the county and 352,791 people statewide having been fully vaccinated.

New weekly case numbers were slightly higher than the week previous — with 18 newly confirmed between Feb. 15-22 — but remain comparatively low overall, with only 16 active cases on Monday. This brings the county’s total to 1,150 confirmed cases overtime. The state stood at 559,998 total confirmed cases as of Monday, 8,629 of which were active.

The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 declined statewide between Feb. 15-22, with 8,304 of the state’s 10,766 available hospital beds in use, and 348 patients with a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis statewide. Of those patients hospitalized with the virus, 95 were requiring intensive care. There were 46 patients awaiting test results.

In the north central region of the state, there were 793 of 1,037 available hospital beds in use, and 42 COVID-19 positive patients, 17 of which were requiring intensive care. There were 16 patients awaiting test results.

The majority of counties neighboring Price saw decreases in the new weekly case numbers, with only Sawyer, Taylor, and Rusk seeing very nominal increases. Ashland County had the lowest number of new cases between Feb. 15-22 with three, while Oneida County had the highest with 30.

Oneida County had confirmed 3,263 cases as of Monday — up by 30 from the week previous — with 76 active cases. There have been 161 hospitalizations, 11 of which were current, and 65 deaths (two of which are new since last week) attributed to the virus. A total of 3,111 people have recovered, and 21,598 tests have returned negative.

Lincoln County had confirmed 2,892 cases — up by 23 — with 26 active. There have been 115 hospitalizations and 56 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 2,810 people have recovered, and 11,339 tests have returned negative.

Vilas County had confirmed 2,201 cases — up by 18 — with 94 active. There have been 123 hospitalizations and 39 deaths (up by one) attributed to the virus. A total of 2,069 people have recovered, and 8,659 tests have returned negative.

Taylor County had confirmed 1,992 cases — up by eight — with 27 active. There have been 65 hospitalizations and 30 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 1,935 people have recovered, and 5,635 tests have returned negative.

Sawyer County had confirmed 1,496 cases — up by 32 — with 39 active. There have been 72 hospitalizations and 21 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 1,434 people have recovered, and 8,010 tests have returned negative.

Rusk County had confirmed 1,245 cases — up by five — with 11 active. There have been 84 hospitalizations and 16 deaths. A total of 1,218 people have recovered, and 4,776 tests have returned negative.

Ashland County had confirmed 1,171 cases, up by three. There have been 52 hospitalizations and 16 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 6,712 tests have returned negative.

Iron County had confirmed 531 cases, up by 16. There have been 40 hospitalizations and 39 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 2,463 tests have returned negative.

Active case numbers and recoveries were not available for Iron and Ashland counties.

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