Autumn got off to a slow start this fall. Early on the colors seemed kind of washed out and later than usual. Suddenly, on October 9th, Mother Nature turned on a switch and our Northwoods trees exploded in full color as if a great artist was at work providing an avalanche of color signaling the end of summer topped off by some snow on October 11th. What causes this show of color? Days are getting shorter causing plants to break down their green pigments, or chlorophyll used to make food, exposing all the remaining beautiful red, orange, and yellow pigments in the leaves. And, be on the lookout for autumn’s second act when tamarack in our bogs turn a golden yellow after most of our deciduous, broad-leaved trees drop their leaves. Aren’t we lucky to experience this colorful wonder of nature each fall?

For those of you who can’t get enough of autumn, please come with us for a walk through the Autumn Splendor in Copper Falls State Park via our five-minute video at this paper’s Website:

We especially encourage you to show this video to shut-ins who can’t get outside to see our magnificent tree colors or hear water rushing through the gorges of Copper Falls.

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