This week’s column will provide some recent area bird sightings in preparation for the upcoming 55th Fifield-Park Falls Audubon Christmas Bird Count (CBC) to be held, December 19. For more information about the CBC, please contact Anna Maria Hansen at:

Previously I reported area sightings of evening grosbeak, American pipit, pine siskin, and snow bunting. Since then, some additional unusual species have been spotted in our area. All these species should be looked for during our upcoming CBC along with our more common birds.

The recent unusual species include red-tailed hawk, northern shrike, white-winged crossbill, common redpoll, great gray owl, brown thrasher, pine grosbeak, Bohemian waxwing, Lapland longspur, trumpeter swan, red-bellied woodpecker, meadowlark, and northern cardinal. Here are some photos and helpful information about some of them.

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