Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 virus particles

This electron microscope image made available and color-enhanced by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Integrated Research Facility in Fort Detrick, Maryland, shows Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 virus particles, orange, isolated from a patient. University of Hong Kong scientists claim to have the first evidence of someone being re-infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. They said Monday, Aug. 24, 2020, that genetic tests show a 33-year-old man returning to Hong Kong from a trip to Spain in mid-August had a different strain of the coronavirus than the one he’d previously been infected with in March. NIAID/National Institutes of Health

Last week, between March 1-8, there were 10 new cases confirmed in Price County, nine of which were active as of Monday.

The county’s total number of cases stands at 1,171. The majority of people, 1,155, have recovered, although 90 people have been hospitalized and seven people have died. Two of those hospitalizations are new since last week.

Vaccination rates continue slowly but steadily, 19.7% of the county’s residents having received at least one shot in their vaccine series. A total of 1,507 people are now fully vaccinated, and 2,627 people have received their first shot.

Statewide, there were 6,580 active cases on Monday, bringing the state’s total over time to 566,871. There have been 26,484 people hospitalized due to complications of the virus, and another 6,481 people have died. There have been 553,651 recoveries.

Hospitals across the state remain quite busy, although the number of COVID patients has declined with 256 statewide as of Monday. Sixty-one patients were in intensive care units due to the severity of their symptoms. Another 22 patients awaiting test results to determine if they have the virus.

In the north central region of the state, there were 20 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, seven of which were in intensive care. One patient was awaiting test results on Monday.

Neighboring counties recorded similar declines in new case numbers between March 1-8, with Oneida County reporting the highest number of cases with 28 and Ashland County with only one new case in that time.

Oneida County had confirmed 3,334 cases as of Monday — up by 28 from the week previous — with 21 active cases. There have been 163 hospitalizations, one of which was current, and 69 deaths (up by three from the week previous) related to the virus. A total of 3,243 people have recovered, and 23,252 tests have returned negative.

Lincoln County had confirmed 2,918 cases — up by nine — with 13 active cases. There have been 118 hospitalizations and 58 deaths (one of which is new since last week). A total of 2,846 people have recovered, and 11,746 tests have returned negative.

Vilas County had confirmed 2,280 cases — up by 17 — with 66 active cases. There have been 125 hospitalizations and 41 deaths (up by two). A total of 2,174 people have recovered, and 9,132 tests have returned negative.

Taylor County had confirmed 2,003 cases — up by two — with 34 active. There have been 61 hospitalizations and 30 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 1,939 people have recovered, and 5,774 tests have returned negative.

Sawyer County had confirmed 1,533 cases — up by 16 — with 27 active. There have been 76 hospitalizations and 22 deaths (up by one). A total of 1,482 people have recovered, and 8,185 tests have returned negative.

Rusk County had confirmed 1,264 cases — up by 11 — with 24 active. There have been 85 hospitalizations and 16 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 1,226 people have recovered, 4,887 tests have returned negative.

Ashland County had confirmed 1,175 cases, up by one. There have been 52 hospitalizations and 16 deaths attributed to the virus. A total of 6,840 tests have returned negative.

Iron County had confirmed 552 cases, up by 11. There have been 40 hospitalizations and 21 deaths (up by one) attributed to the virus. A total of 2,508 tests have returned negative.

Active case numbers and recoveries were not available for Iron and Ashland counties.

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