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The number of Price County residents who have received tests confirming they have COVID-19 continues to grow, with 73 active cases as of Monday and 599 total cases since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

This illustrates an increase of 91 new cases since seven days previous on Nov. 9. The previous week saw 71 new cases, and the week prior saw 79 new cases.

Thus far, there have been 129 new cases confirmed in Price County since Nov. 1. In September, Price County documented 105 new cases. October saw 275 new cases over the course of the month, for an average of approximately nine new cases per day.

As of November, cases in Price County are growing at an average of approximately 10.75 new cases per day. If Price County continues at this rate, the county will record an estimated 322 new cases by Nov. 30.

According to data published by the Price County Health Department on Nov. 13, confirmed cases in individuals with a Phillips area zip code were up by 19 from a week previous for a total of 219 cases; cases in people with a Park Falls zip code were up by 24 for a total of 132; cases in people with an Ogema zip code were up by 12 for a total of 54; cases in people with a Prentice zip code were up by five for a total of 36; cases in people with a Fifield zip code were up by two for a total of 23; cases in people with a Kennan zip code were up by four for a total of 22; cases in Price County residents with a Butternut zip code were up by seven for a total of 22; and cases in people with a Catawba zip code were up by two for a total of 16.

Cases in Price County residents with a Brantwood/Tripoli or Rib Lake zip code had not increased in the previous seven days.

Price County isn’t the only county seeing an increase in case numbers however. All eight of the counties surrounding Price have also seen a sharp increase in the number of active cases over the past seven days.

As of Monday night, Oneida County had 614 active cases for a total of 1,884 cases since the start of the pandemic — up by 260 new cases since a week previous.

Lincoln County had 264 active cases for a total of 1,560 cases — up by 276 new cases from the week previous.

Taylor County had 502 active cases for a total of 928 cases — up by 212 from the week previous.

Vilas County had 272 active cases for a total of 1,012 cases — up by 159 from the week previous.

Rusk County had 367 active cases for a total of 617 cases — up by 234 from the week previous.

Sawyer County had 181 active cases for a total of 660 cases — up by 149 from the week previous.

Ashland County had 290 active cases for a total of 532 cases — up by 110 from the week previous.

Iron County had a total of 299 cases, up by 33 from the week previous. At the time of printing, Iron County had not released the current numbers of those who actively had the virus.

The weekly number of people hospitalized due to COVID-19 symptoms declined sharply in Price County in the past seven days, with seven new individuals hospitalized since Nov. 9, compared to the 37 hospitalized between Nov. 2-9.

Still, the regional hospitals in north central Wisconsin remain quite full, standing at 91% capacity as of Monday night. Of the 1,014 beds in these hospitals, 920 were in use, leaving only 94 available for new patients. Of those 920 in-patients, 255 had a lab-confirmed COVID diagnosis. Fifty of those patients with COVID-19 were in the hospitals’ intensive care units.

There were an additional five patients awaiting the results of their COVID test.

There were 225 ventilators available in north central hospitals, 46 of which were in use.

Statewide, hospitals were at 87% capacity as of Monday, with 9,689 of the state’s 11,111 beds in use. There were 2,278 COVID patients in hospitals, 456 of which were requiring intensive care.

There were an additional 167 patients with a COVID-19 test pending.

Since the start of the pandemic, 14,499 Wisconsinites have been hospitalized due to the virus. The state currently stands at a 4.6% hospitalization rate, which Price County has nearly doubled at 9%.

As of Monday, 91 people have been hospitalized due to the virus in Oneida County, 20 of which were current; Lincoln County has had 70 hospitalizations; Taylor County has had 46 hospitalizations, 16 of which were current; Vilas County has had 59 hospitalizations; Rusk County has had 21 hospitalizations; Sawyer County has had 26 hospitalizations; Iron County has had 15 hospitalizations; and Ashland County has had 27 hospitalizations.

As of Monday, Wisconsin had recorded 316,758 confirmed cases of the virus, 70,205 of which were active. There have been 2,649 deaths associated with COVID-19 in the state. A total of 243,841 people have recovered.

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