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The number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in Price County spiked in the week between Nov. 30-Dec. 7, capping out at 84 new cases — the highest number of cases in a single week since Nov. 9-16, which saw 91 new cases.

As of Monday evening, Price County had 816 total confirmed cases, 77 of which were active as of that day. There have been four deaths in the county, which has not increased in the past week.

According to Price County Public Health, there have also been 61 probable cases, which are either individuals who develop symptoms of COVID-19 after exposure or who have received a positive antigen test. Of those probable cases, 12 were active on Monday.

As of Dec. 3, there had been 287 cases in county residents who have a Phillips zip code, 205 cases in the Park Falls area, 81 cases in the Ogema area, 64 cases in the Prentice area, 36 cases in the Kennan and Hawkins area, 33 cases in the Fifield area, 25 cases in Price County residents with a Butternut zip code, 23 cases in the Catawba area, 24 area in the Brantwood and Tripoli area, and four cases in county residents with a Rib Lake zip code.

The majority of cases continue to be confirmed in those between the ages of 60-69, standing at 154 cases on Dec. 3. This is also the age group most likely to be admitted into the hospital due to complications, according to data released by the Price County Public Health Department showing 36% of local hospitalizations are people in that age range. People between the ages of 50-59 account for 15% of local hospitalizations, while those between the ages of 70-79 account for 20%, and those ages 80-89 account for 22%.

There have been 29 cases in children between the ages of zero and nine; 63 cases in people age 10-19; 80 in people age 20-29; 85 in people age 30-39; 106 in people age 40-49; 133 in people age 50-59; 154 in people age 60-69; 79 in people age 70-79; 47 in people age 80-89; and six cases in people over the age of 90.

The hospitalization rate — which indicates an individual's likelihood of being admitted into the hospital after receiving a positive test — in Price County stands at 8.2%, compared to 4.4% statewide.

As of Monday, there have been 67 county residents hospitalized since the start of the pandemic, four of which are new as of the past week.

Hospitals in the north central region of the state are currently at 87% capacity, with 899 of the 1,030 available hospital beds in use. There were 129 patients with a positive COVID-19 test, while another nine patients were awaiting testing. Thirty-five of the patients with a COVID-19 diagnosis were in the intensive care unit, and 51 patients were receiving mechanical ventilation.

Statewide, there were 414,332 confirmed cases Monday evening, 58,009 of which were active. There have been 3,738 COVID-19 related deaths and 18,286 hospitalizations in Wisconsin since the start of the pandemic.

Hospital capacity throughout the state stands at 83%, with 9,248 of the 11,140 available hospital beds in use. As of Monday night, there were 1,566 patients who had received a positive COVID test, while another 122 patients were awaiting test results. Of the COVID-19 patients, 326 were in intensive care units and 572 were receiving mechanical ventilation.

There have been 352,510 recoveries from the coronavirus documented in Wisconsin, 735 of which are Price County residents.

There have been 2,202,473 negative test results statewide, 4,482 of which were recorded in Price County.

Of the counties surrounding Price, Oneida County has the highest number of confirmed cases, standing at 2,485 on Monday. There have been 111 hospitalizations as a result of the virus and 39 deaths. A total of 14,498 tests have returned negative.

Lincoln County has had 2,074 confirmed cases, 205 of which were active. There have been 85 hospitalizations, 35 deaths, and 1,834 recoveries. A total of 9,061 tests have returned negative.

Vilas County has confirmed 1,401 cases, 282 of which were active. There have been 78 hospitalizations, 17 deaths, and 1,102 recoveries. A total of 7,263 tests have returned negative.

Taylor County has confirmed 1,511 cases, with 470 people currently in quarantine or isolation. There have been 46 hospitalizations, 16 of which were current, and 25 deaths. The county has not released current information on recoveries. A total of 9,954 tests have returned negative.

Sawyer County has confirmed 977 cases, 109 of which were active. There have been 38 hospitalizations, eight deaths, and 860 recoveries. A total of 6,711 tests have returned negative.

Rusk County has confirmed 958 cases, 299 of which were active. There have been 47 hospitalizations, nine deaths, and 650 recoveries. A total of 3,969 tests have returned negative.

Ashland County has confirmed 800 cases, resulting in 35 hospitalizations and 10 deaths. The county has not released current information on recoveries or active cases. A total of 5,555 tests have returned negative.

Iron County has confirmed 376 cases. There have been 20 hospitalizations and 10 deaths. A total of 2,105 tests have returned negative.

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