Price County saw 33 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the past week, standing at a total of 922 cases as of Monday morning. Of those, 24 were considered currently active.

Last week, a fifth local death was associated with complications due to the virus.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 77 COVID-19-related hospitalizations, up by five new ones since last week.

Regionally, hospitals in the north central region of the state were at 82% capacity, with 850 of the region’s 1,035 hospital beds in use as of Dec. 27. Of those patients, 118 had tested positive for COVID-19, while six were awaiting test results. A total of 28 of the patients with the virus were in intensive care units, while an additional 47 were receiving the aid of mechanical ventilators to breathe.

Statewide, hospital capacity was at 78% on Dec. 27, with 8,626 of the state’s 11,012 hospital beds in use. There were a total 1,088 COVID-19 patients, 239 of which were in intensive care units, and 465 of which were receiving mechanical ventilation. There were an additional 81 people awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test.

Price County is also reporting probable case numbers, which have not yet been confirmed by a formal COVID-19 test. The county has had 73 probable cases, three of which were active as of Monday morning.

A total of 4,754 test results for Price County residents have returned negative.

Oneida County had 2,756 confirmed cases as of Dec. 27, up by 61 new cases since last week. There have been 126 hospitalizations and 47 deaths associated with the virus.

Lincoln County has had 2,408 confirmed cases, up 107 from the week previous. There have been 94 hospitalizations and 41 deaths.

Taylor County has had 1,575 confirmed cases, up by 53 from the week previous. There have been 61 hospitalizations and 14 deaths.

Vilas County has had 1,564 confirmed cases, up by 57 from the week previous. There have been 85 hospitalizations and 21 deaths.

Sawyer County has had 1,181 confirmed cases, up by 54 from the week previous. There have been 53 hospitalizations and 10 deaths.

Rusk County has had 1,089 confirmed cases, up by 35 from the week previous. There have been 64 hospitalizations and 11 deaths.

Ashland County has had 983 confirmed cases, up by 40 from the week previous. There have been 42 hospitalizations and 14 deaths.

Iron County has had 413 confirmed cases, up by seven from the week previous. There have been 24 hospitalizations and 15 deaths.

As of Dec. 27, Wisconsin has had 470,818 confirmed cases of the virus, 29,791 of which were active as of that date. The virus has sent 20,829 Wisconsinites to the hospital, and been attributed for 4,692 deaths. A total of 2,332,695 tests have returned negative.

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