PARK FALLS — The Chequamegon School District received its district audit at its November regular meeting.

Krisztina Dommer, a certified public accountant with Kerber-Rose who specializes in school audits, said that any deficiencies with the school district audit were from the inability to satisfy certain requirements due to limited staffing and were not “material weaknesses.” As for the school district’s risk assessment and financial statements the audit was an unmodified opinion, meaning it is a clean opinion that did not require corrections.

“We found that the line items in your financial statements are fairly presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles,” Dommer said. “So, you should really be proud of that, especially as a smaller district, that those capabilities are there.”

Highlights of the report included statements that the school’s net position of $10.9 million puts the school district in a strong financial position, she said. Just as importantly, the school district, and the school board, have managed the annual funds responsibly in terms of unfunded liabilities, debt limits, investments and planning for capital expenditures, she said.

The board approved an operations committee recommendation to contract with HSR and Associations of LaCrosse to complete the design and budget phase of a school district security improvements contract. Preliminary estimates on the total project cost are around $350,000, according to board vice president Roger Strand.

The need was outlined several years ago in a health and safety security audit, he said. Once the design is completed the construction would be expected to start in May 2022 with all work contained within the existing spaces and no additional structures added.

In other school board reports it was noted that early learning center assistant teacher Kaylee Purdy has resigned to move out of the area. Three new hires include full time special education paraprofessionals Brianne Vercellotti and Annee Briske, and a part time south campus kitchen staff member, Andrea Nicolaus.

In the student representative report, high school senior Lainie Heizler provided an overview of winter activities ranging from sports and music to mock trial and students on delayed entry into the armed forces. She concluded with the results of a class officer discussion.

Freshman students expressed that it is difficult to work with the school’s new time management and Ehallpass system, she said. Other students said that too many kids in a single study hall is distracting and to either keep study hall sizes small or allow passes for students who want quieter spaces.

The school board approved a school superintendent search contract with the Wisconsin Association of School Boards not to exceed $10,300. The school board scheduled a special meeting for Nov. 29 to discuss the contract details with a WASB official.

The December school board meeting was moved back to occur prior to Christmas at 6 p.m. Dec. 21 at the north campus in Glidden.

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