Why right now is a great time to buy — or sell — a boat

(BPT) - Whether you're looking to buy your first boat, upgrade your current boat or you simply want to sell, today's market for previously owned boats is seeing a lot of movement — with plenty of opportunities for buying as well as selling. While boat-buying peaked during the pandemic, when travel was limited and many sought ways to enjoy the outdoors safely with friends and family, the interest in having fun out on the open water hasn't slowed down, even as travel and other activities have resumed.

Nearly half of the pandemic boating boom buyers are here to stay. According to a study conducted by Boat Trader, over half of private sellers surveyed (56%) bought their current boat during the pandemic. What has happened since then? Out of all the private sellers who purchased boats during the pandemic, almost half (49%) have enjoyed the ride so much that they're looking for a bigger, better boat.

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