Online higher education remains a compelling, affordable option for a degree

(BPT) - Increasing tuition and mounting student debt is making a college degree more difficult to achieve. While policymakers are implementing debt forgiveness, nothing is addressing the root cause of the problem — traditional colleges and universities have built unsustainable cost models that can only be supported with ever increasing tuition. This leads to students believing they have no options, so they continue to willingly incur mountains of debt.

While some students choose to forgo college or dismiss the value of a graduate degree, many students are discovering a better way. One that doesn’t sacrifice the proven value of education to provide career-enhancing skills and advancement. Fully online institutions provide low-cost tuition models, largely due to lower operational costs, without sacrificing quality of education. Further, online higher education remains an affordable and attainable option for many students or working adults wanting to advance their career paths affordably.

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