The recent CORE lunch was held at Bethesda Church in Bayfield, where we usually gather. This one was blessed with the presence of many adorable kittens who roamed the sanctuary. They were brought by the staff at Helping PAWS Pet Rescue of Washburn. Gretchen Gerber, veterinarian, is the medical care coordinator at PAWS and the rescue is housed in her office space.

Erica Lang, a volunteer, explained the purpose and emphasized that the effort is run by volunteers and is a non-profit organization. Their purpose is to enhance the quality of care provided to both animals and potential adopters. As she explained all this, the kittens played near the altar (where we had placed all the Christmas poinsettias, as they are poisonous). It was a sweet after-lunch presentation.

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity (from being a shelter aide to creating social media releases as to Pet-of-the-Week), simply call them at (715) 373-2222. They provided sewing kits to create kitten beds that are complete with all the materials. Several women took one home. I returned home to present the possibility to Mike that we adopt a kitty who did not shed as a companion to our cavapoo, Oliver (a rescue dog). Both he and Oliver voted no, mainly because we travel a bit and have a full plate when we are at home. Website:

The WIN meeting was fascinating in that we women in business shared our goal for 2020 — mostly to learn more about myself. I added that I hope to spread more kindness in a world that is most definitely not kind at the moment. I make those Kindness buttons and will produce more. Today at the UU Church service I gave one to a homeless man with whom I had played cribbage at the Washburn Library. Andy at Stone's Throw is now creating more petals for me, so I will resume the production when I return from Santa Fe. (Leave on the 16th and return on the 20th. I will get to see my cousin, Ellen who has been a stranger for too many years).

The Unitarian service was focused on welcoming Stacy Craig as our next pastor. The initiation ceremony was so typical of the free spirits that appreciate one another in that congregation. Pastor Marina Lachecki (ours when we lived on The Island) and Regina La-Roche (who taught me to tap dance for the Ice Road Show years ago) did an outstanding job of praise, poetry and dance. I only hope someone thought to video it. Stacy has been an associate pastor for David Saetre who just retired. She is inheriting an amazing batch of folks. We love the variety.

Last week Joe Adams brought us the Japanese movie, "RAN" for two hours at the Bayfield Library. Having been to Japan, I greatly appreciated the bright color and costumes and the degree of compassion, despite the endless war scenes. At one point Shakespeare was quoted, in fact the plot was similar to his "King Lear". "The Gods cannot save us from ourselves!" Yes, that seems to reflect the state that our world is in now. If it isn't a fight in another country, it's an internal nastiness within our own. No wonder I lean towards Buddhism.

My hearing evaluation with Miracle Ear was most revealing. As suspected, my Lyme has destroyed the highest-frequency hearing in my right ear. "Not to worry," the examiner said, "The new aids can convert high frequencies to lower, so that you can hear them."

That means I would not miss the ends of words or interrupt when I cannot tell when a speaker is finished talking. I may improve my social skills with new aids. Now I must earn the money to pay for them. Anyone want to buy my sailboat?

We saved money by going to Walgreens on their 30% off day last week. We now have enough bags of Epsom salts to detox an army. Our tub is used every night. Speaking of an army, my son who works for one in Kentucky gave all the visiting relatives tiny army men to hide in our home, car and fireplace. They covered lots of ground, and we are still discovering them in a lamp or the sheets of our bed, etc. We are working on retribution as I type. (Kinda fun to see two adults playing hide and seek in their own home!

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