Three Rice Lake residents face felony charges after allegedly dining and dashing at Nancy's Northside Restaurant during the Oct. 2 lunch rush.

Charging documents state that Christina M. Gilles, 40, Naomi E. Paternoga, 23, and John E. Ackerman Jr., 34, finished their food, and, after the $37.35 bill was delivered, Ackerman came to the counter to pay with a debit card.

The employee at the counter said the restaurant does not take cards and showed him the building's ATM.

The complaint states Ackerman went back to the table and then outside. Paternoga and Gilles followed him out.

The employee followed and told them they had to pay. Paternoga told her they had to go to the bank to get money. After the employee asked for IDs, all three stated they did not have any. Paternoga said they had to go to the bank and figure this out.

The employee said there was nothing to figure out, and they needed to pay. Police caught up with the three shortly afterwards.

All three were charged with misdemeanor fraud for nonpayment, along with varied felony bail jumping charges: one for Ackerman, two for Gilles and six for Paternoga.

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