BAYFIELD – Formula for a perfect night out: a warm, family-run restaurant with nature inspired artwork by Grandma on the walls; recipes with tons of fresh, local ingredients rolled, stuffed and skewered to perfection by son, daughter-in-law and grandson; friendships old and new starting at one table spreading to the next that eventually becomes two tables pushed together to make one small village for the night; add a few couples toasting each other on the periphery at soft lamp-lit tables-for-two with fresh, homegrown music playing in the background providing a sublime atmosphere to accompany the delicious food being served at this slow food deli/restaurant in Bayfield.

This is Tapas Night at the Fat Radish where every Thursday night from 5:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. customers choose from a 28-item tapas menu divided into four sections: sea, land, vegetable and desserts; where both meat eaters and vegans can always find something fresh and delicious to eat. Popular dishes include New Zealand mussels bathed in a locally crafted curry sauce; Asian roasted Brussels sprouts; sizzling shrimp on a bed of pistachio potato salad, or beef tenderloin skewers. Though shades of Spanish and Asian cuisine dance on the tongue, Fat Radish is its own country, its own blend of unique flavors crossing boundaries as well as eating styles. And if something’s not on the menu or needs altering to fit a particular diet, owners Dan and Patty Holman will gladly change it up. That’s the great thing about Tapas Night—it’s always changing based on what people enjoy and what’s in season. Prices range from $2-9 per dish.

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