Our Pet of the Week this week is Iambic Pentameter, named for the meter (or rhythm) of several of the most famous kinds of poems and plays. Her name sure is a mouthful, so our volunteers call her Ippy for short! Ippy came to us with a litter of kittens, which she had delivered under a house nearby. She is the mom of Lyric, Melody, and Limerick — also available for adoption! Her other four kittens (Haiku, Epic, Sonnet, and Nursery Rhyme) have already found their homes.

Ippy is a little bit shy. She likes to interact with people on her own terms, often rubbing on ankles and seeking out head scratches. She is not the biggest fan of being picked up — we think she'd never really experienced that in her last life. She's looking for a home that respects her independence and is willing to take the time to earn her trust and affection. We feel sure that this investment will have a huge payback and that she will be the right person's forever friend. She is two years old, spayed, and ready to go home! 

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