Five years ago my sweet husband spotted a used car for me. You may remember my writing that my reaction when I saw the 2005 Cadillac Coupe De Ville, I exclaimed, “I am so not a Cadillac woman!” Well, after owning that dream car, I am permanently spoiled. The ride is smooth and the handy features make one feel like they have a servant in the car. However, we just bought a Kia Sorento and still have our old Tahoe (which we plan on selling). Then, our friend, Ron Shuga, called to say he had someone interested in my Cadillac. Thus, the Weyrs of Cornucopia are now riding in luxury. May your journeys be safe. (I called her “Joplin” after Janice’s song about the Mercedes Benz.)

Hasn’t this week been glorious? We are all celebrating spring. Yards have been raked. Flowers have been planted. We even built a plant rack for our deck and filled it with soil and mulch. I received a registration form for the summer camp I attended for three consecutive years in Boulder Junction. We hope to attend with my childhood friend, Sandy Brown and her husband. How we loved those camping trips and canoeing the lakes. It instilled a love of nature in this city girl.

Yesterday we attended an intarsia demonstration at NGLVC. Gary Steen displayed his work and explained how he created the designs and figures for multi-colored woodcuts. We learned of the kinds of wood and where to purchase them, how to dry them, cut them, and assemble into a handsome design. The process is similar to quilting in that you carve pieces that are later assembled into a whole, while following a printed pattern. Instead of a sewing machine you use a scroll saw. We even bought a key hanger in intarsia for our son’s family for Christmas, as we gave him a scroll saw last year.

JET Travel (Janeen) has been a great help with our Iceland/Sweden/Finland trip. I learned at yoga that Linda Jorgenson and Jack will visit Helsinki just before we do (good source for where to go). One can certainly plan their own trip. I have done so many times. However, the agent is of significant help with distances, temperatures and sites you may have missed. We now have a solid itinerary.

We also helped a little in carting leftover items from the library sale Saturday to Encore and the ABC Thrift Store. We put our blinders on, as we plan to clear out our barn this week and will most likely donate items to Encore and to the Unitarian Church sale coming up on May 19 at the home of Karynn Waters 901, Ninth Ave West in Ashland. Isn’t reuse of items a great idea?

Last week at the UU Service we heard Dr. Erica Hannickel, an excellent presenter, on “Darwin’s First Days in America.” She explained that the focus of his article was on the modifications over time, rather than the destiny track. Species variation occurs and sometimes matches a favorable growth environment. It was especially meaningful to me, as I had read “Origin of the Species” before I visited the Galapagos Islands where Darwin conducted his research on the finches. I also visited his “makeshift” museum on one of the islands. I call it that, as it was a small hut with a few items inside.

On May 10 (Thursday) CORE sponsors its Friday Friends Lunch at 11:30 a.m. at Bethesda Lutheran Church. Carrie Linder of the County Disability and Aging Department will share insights as to their services. The food is always scrumptious. Reservations are required (715 779-3457) if not filled. After that I will visit my new hospice client. She is a sweet elderly woman who wishes to die gracefully. Last week I read her poetry. She herself is a poet. I picked up a few books from the library. We especially enjoyed Maya Angelous’ “Mother,” so much that I bought it for my daughter. I learned so much from my friend’s stories of raising her children and experiencing her son’s death before her own. Her daughter gave me Jerusalem artichokes, so I found a recipe on the Internet, and we loved the dish.

On May 11 WIN (Women in Networking) will celebrate it’s one year anniversary at noon at the Chequamegon Co-op. Lunch is $10 with food provided by the Co-op. It is a great way to share your business with other entrepreneurs and businesswomen. Then, do not forget the Birding and Nature Festival May 17-19. Our first field trip is with David Bratley (“Bird Man”) who just identified the Northern flicker who landed on our deck last week. What a treat! Enjoy nature.

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