There are seven definitions of the word “perspective” in Webster’s New World Dictionary. The ones we will use today are numbers three and four. Number 3: “the relationship or proportion of the parts of a whole, regarded from a particular standpoint or point in time” Number 4: “a specific point of view in understanding or judging things or events, esp. one that shows them in their true relations to one another.” To summarize, we could say “It’s all how you look at it.” I’m obviously not as brainy as Mr. Webster.

I was driving east from Ashland toward Ironwood, Mich., the other day. Rain began to fall. It started slowly, then the clouds broke open and the drops became torrents. I couldn’t see very well, my wipers intermittently gave me glimpses of the woods and flashes of what lay ahead. It was unexpected and kind of a nuisance. But I knew the way, and fortunately someone had gone before me and made the path, a road with its white and yellow lines to follow, even in the pounding rain.

That night, the rain stayed with me and sang me to sleep. It was beautiful and lulling and it made a lovely night even lovelier. So, is the rain a nuisance or is it a love song from the sky? Like most things, I suppose it depends on how you look at it.

The next morning, the sun shone bright and early here in our northland. The greens were greener, the sky bluer and the air warmer. The world feels like a whole new thing on such a morning, one filled with hope and possibilities. The rain had done its job and gone, leaving a new perspective and blue skies. Roads and paths look different, easier and simpler on such a morning. The answers to questions seem obvious with the light shining just so. A new day, another day, a gift of a day. Sunshine, a smiling “Good morning!” from a stranger drinking coffee, and a kiss from someone I love sent me on my way. I drove west with the sun back toward Ashland, toward our little peninsula, and home. On the way I did something I have always meant to do, but have never taken the time. I stopped at the scenic overlook near the Gogebic Range.

Had I stopped there the day before, it would have shown a gray curtain drawn over everything. I would have seen rain and only those things which were nearby and up close. Today, the view was spectacular. Open sky, open lake, warm air filled with comfort and promise, the view long and far away. Same place, different perspective. But that rain had given me a comparison, something to make me realize how wonderful this day was, this place was, after the rainstorm.

The other night, Justin the weatherman said of the weather by the lake, “Give it six hours and it might change.” Then he said, “Heck, give it six minutes!” Too true. And true of life, as well. So, take it as it comes, go with the flow, roll with the punches; pick any cliché you like the best. They are all advisable. Life is good from every angle, we just need to pull off the road sometimes for a different view, choose an overlook to smooth out the rough edges, give us the big picture; the big beautiful picture of life here in the woods. Life is good in all weathers, as well, If we make the most of the conditions and look at them positively. We can love it for what it is and what good it does. Just like the rain that is not a nuisance, but a love song from the sky.

Love is the answer

At least for most of the questions in my heart

Like Why are we here? and Where do we go? and How come it’s so hard?

It’s not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving

But I’ll tell you one thing, it’s always better when we’re together

from “Better Together”

Jack Johnson

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