Do you recall planning and packing for a “big trip”? There are details and dreams combined. It is tantalizing to predict what you will experience. One can dream about the adventure after attending to the many details. What will the Northern Lights look like in Iceland? Will we get to share stories with relatives in Sweden? I wish you all such a wonderful experience and will share ours with you upon return. We are not taking the computer, so I will miss two weeks of columns…and miss my reader’s comments.

We were able to leave some “stuff” behind when the neighbors allowed us to donate many “barn items” to their rummage sale Saturday. At this stage, it feels great to depart with those long-lived and now unnecessary items. Our kids will be relieved. We are fortunate to have good resale shops in our area for those “treasures” that do not sell.

We attended the Science on Tap to learn of controlled burns. Consequently, we have a better perspective on the need for such in the barrens areas. We learn so much from their lectures and enjoy the Deep-Water Grille while learning. It’s owner, Bo Belanger, featured a Solstice Saturday at his Washburn South Shore Brewery last Saturday. Music, food, and camaraderie were all good.

I noted via the Washburn Chamber news that the Superior Bike Tour had to be cancelled due to the flood damage on roads to be travelled. You have all seen reconstruction and pumping happening throughout our two counties. We are fortunate that greater damage did not occur. I listened to the audiobook, Tribe. The sociologist author explains that when a severe incident occurs, like war or a tornado and folks congregate to repair their world, there is often a very real problem for those people to readjust when it is over. During a crisis life has new meaning for those helping others and forming a necessary camaraderie. Afterwards, for example in the life of a returning soldier, it is difficult to regain a sense of purpose. One may feel invisible. I sent a copy to our son who works with returning vets at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

This is our season of outdoor and indoor concerts. I think of our friends Tom and Stephanie Murta who moved to Bayfield for this reason. Tuesday evening brings Bayfield’s Concerts by the Lake at 7pm at Memorial Park near the Gazebo. We will miss the Liz Woodward Trio there this week. Then I received a notice for the Chequamegon Choir sent by Jerry Phillips: Jerry spent hours with Severin Behnen of Big Top fame reading through Severin’s new work “Messiah”. He deems it brilliant, gorgeous, and powerful. Severin comments, “The force that allowed me to persevere is expressed in the dedication, “for victims of torture in the 21st Century”. Contact Jerry Phillips if you are interested in singing for this performance ( Rehearsals begin soon on Sundays.

On June 27th there will be a Full Moon Cruise at 5pm. This is a fundraiser for the Bayfield Heritage Association. There are a few slots left. Call 779-5958 for details. Many enjoyed the free cruises hosted by the Charter Service last weekend. Today, as I write (Sunday morning), Mike walked the dog and returned to announce that Winter has arrived. One never knows what to expect. The challenge keeps us alive, and we have all suffered very few weather traumas up North.

I will miss “talking to” you all. The next I write I should be sharing delicious news and adventures and hope that your summer journeys, near or far, are rewarding as well. Stay safe and send me your news for the next column.

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