This rainy Friday afternoon, I spent hours creating a Graduation Cake (gourmet, none-the-less) for our grandson, Spencer, who will attend CSU (Colorado State University) in fall as a Business Major. He has played hockey since age four and received a scholarship there. He reports to us that “every sport is available there” (Great for a young athletic man). We will give him rollerblades for graduation. What a joy it is to watch your grandchildren mature into young adults. Well, it was not such a joy to decorate that cake! I realized my art creativity has its limits. Well, a gift is a gift, right?

When I finally put the finishing touches on the cake, I realized we had missed the Open House at The Wild Rice Center. There will be other opportunities, as the new owners are community-minded There is a meeting to define the mission of The League. It will be held at the home of Marilyn Van Sant 85050 Lakeshore Drive in Bayfield at 2pm on June 18th. All interested in potential membership are welcome.

I had submitted an article on my book, “O, Kinky Turtle” to the Miamian, the magazine for Miami of Ohio graduates. This is where my undergrad work on Speech & Hearing Therapy began. I told the story of chatting with my freshman roommate about games we played as children. She talked about Red rover, and I asked her about “Runchy Brun.” When she asked me to describe the game, her response was, “Jo, that is Run-Sheep, Run!. So much for my hearing loss. I did not even realize its significance until graduate school! I am either a slow learner or creative in my weaknesses. I made up many a phrase that I did not understand, without even knowing it. In any case, the sales resulting from that article are interesting. The roommate of a guy that I dated texted me to say that his wife has a loss like mine and ordered a book for her. Others have done so as well.

My time is a bit limited tonight as I write, so this column may be brief. I did want to tell you about events in the near future. The Ashland Chamber website tells of June being the Dairy Month. Due to that, Benoit Cheese is offering free cheeseburgers at a number of shops in their area. The Washburn Cultural Center is displaying art seen through the eyes of Master Gardeners, Tuesday through Sunday from 10am-4pm. (I imagine we have all been mastering our gardens before the rain and cold!)

On June 7-9 Northland College will offer “Geology of Michigan’s Pictured Rocks”. We have visited that site, years ago. It was a sweltering day, and I said to Mike as we walked along the edge near the water, “I think I will just jump in.” He told me to “Go ahead, oh brave one”. Little did I know that the water would be somewhere near zero in temperature. I almost jumped straight back to the trail! Now, I know better.

On June 7-10, Legendary Waters is hosting a Sports Show. Call 779-3700 for information on this. On Friday, June 8th WIN (Women into Networking) will meet at noon at Chequamegon Co-op for business exchange and a presentation on physical therapy. When I attended their last meeting, I was introduced to Ginger Castle who has a Data Research business. I came home and told Mike of this. He had coffee with her this morning to discuss the Feasibility Study for the proposed Water Research Center he is working on for Ashland. Networking is essential for business. (I will tell Spencer that this weekend!)

On June 9-10 the North Coast Sailing Club will offer a Safety at Sea course for all mariners. Given the unpredictability of our amazing Lake Superior, this sounds like a meaningful idea for all you skippers. Go to for details. Related to that, the Blessing of the Fleet will take place at 1pm on June 10 at the Bayfield Harbor. You can call 779-3335 for more information and the entry process.

Well, this chef is a bit tired. Seldom do I spend an entire day in the kitchen. I will be happy to share the recipe for the Graduation Cake and/or the quiche that I made with any of you. May your summer be blessed, and your garden or flowers bloom into beauty.

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