My art experience has previously been limited to watercolor classes with Doug Thomas. There I produced pieces I never thought I could do. He was a great and encouraging teacher. So, I decided I would tackle Jane Herrick's three-day Fiber Art Class.

What an amazing experience! There were about a dozen of us in attendance at her lovely studio overlooking the lake near Herbster. The others had an art background. Many had taken her workshops before. My immersion into this art world was a beautiful learning experience. One has to let oneself go and allow creativity to flow.

We had each brought materials and implements with which to work. I never knew what a “bone bender” was before! This is a small ivory tool for bending paper or pressing down wires to conform to a shape without breaking the element. Jane gave us each a packet of “rush” (fiber covered “rope”, some with wire inside) with which to work. We also received glue, wire thread with which to sew on items, and instructions for working with fiber. And off we went together for three days. I learned so much from simply listening and observing. At the end of our stay we shared our works and expressed our feelings during the creative process. I had gone from confusion and hesitation to gradual growth and a sense of becoming “one” with the process. It was a truly fascinating experience. This summer I will share my work and materials with Sydney, my Graphic Design granddaughter and give her my materials and instructions for her enjoyment.

Her brother's Graduation Weekend was a truly fun family experience. Twelve of us gathered at our daughter's home in Oak Park on a beautiful weekend. Alex (our son) and his family came from Kentucky. We were able to celebrate his birthday as well. The photo scrapbook of his life was well-received. So many memories were shared. There were 800 graduates from Oak Park River Forrest High School! The ceremony went smoothly. Afterwards we gobbled up a grand meal topped with my Graduation Cake. It was a bit “funky” with graduation caps created from malted milk balls with a chocolate square top and frosted tassel, but tasted delicious.

Last night we joined friends and family of Amy Jo Barker, my colleague in writing for this paper. Her talented daughter Mary Beth graduated from Washburn High recently. Amy's new home with Jim is a beautiful 38-acre plot on Milligan Road. Again, it was a lovely evening topped with a fireside gathering of friends. Such a milestone in a child's (young adult's) life!

Today (Sunday) we will soon arrive at Wild Rice Retreat for a Unitarian Gathering. It will be exciting to see the new center. Between this meditative offering and the proposed ArtSpace in Bayfield we should have a truly creative and well-adjusted community. Later we hope to attend the Blessing of the Fleet, an event we have not yet seen before.

CORE announces their partnership with the Natural Branch of Learning, between Bayfield and Washburn, for a two-day event to Explore and enjoy in the woods. This will be held on June 29-30. the first day is for older adults; the second one can add a child. Lunch will be served on Friday. The fee is $25/person. Please call CORE by June 22 for reservations.

Mike's good friend of many years is coming to stay with us next week. They have a running commentary that entertains. It reminds me of Abbott and Costello! They are both psychologists with a grandiose sense of humor. I look forward to their being together.

Well, my book is still selling, and our garden is blossoming. Life is Good! Hope yours is as well.

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