Mother’s Day was a meaningful event. I returned Saturday to find a box of Racine Kringles from my daughter. I know how our friends love receiving Kringle from our hometown in Racine where all the Danish bakeries abide. Then the most gorgeous hanging basket arrived. At first, I thought it was blooming roses, as it was so lush. It is overflowing with begonias!

Of course, this inspired me to begin our garden planting. I imagine many of you did the same once we saw the sun. Our “granddaughter” Brittney Pratt stayed overnight to help with this, as is our annual tradition. Brit is blossoming into a beautiful young lady. I never had to tell her how to plant or what utensils to use. We bought her a few vegetable plants for her own yard in Washburn. When she arrived, we took Oliver for quite a hike up to The Yurt. The view is wondrous, and she had never seen a yurt, so that was exciting. After games were played and dinner was done, we three watched “Edward Scissorhands.” Tim Burton is so creative!

Last week CORE’s Friday Friends Lunch featured Carrie Linder, telling us about services for the aged and disabled in the county. She emphasized the need for an advanced directive (Power of Attorney and Financial Guide after we pass on). I took careful notes and shared them with the family of my Hospice client. She gently shares feelings about her stage in life with me. This week I wrote a few letters she dictated to send to her friends afar. When I attended the Volunteer Recognition Party, I was given a pin for 15 years of service. I had not even recalled the time span. Through Hospice, I have met so many great folks who have taught me much about a “smooth exit” from this life.

Mike and I also attended the WPR Celebration Party. Their programs are an essential part of our lives. We walked away with T-shirts, glasses, car magnets, and good music in our ears. We told the staff how much we miss Garrison and are grateful he was in our lives. Imagination enriches us so. The next day I went to the WIN (Women in Networking) lunch at the Co-op. They were celebrating their first-year anniversary, and attendance was remarkable. Mike was just asked to join an Ad Hoc Task Force for WITC that guides them in expanding offerings for Entrepreneurship. Networking is at the heart of this.

He asked me to tell you that the Feasibility Study for the proposed Lake Superior Center for Fisheries, Aquatic Research, and Education is almost complete. There is a possibility of establishing a Science Center in Chequamegon Bay, near the Oredock. This would serve the Lake Superior Watershed.

For those of you who have a hearing loss like me, the recent HLAA newsletter summarized a trip to Madison to meet with legislators. The two issues shared were 1. Awareness of telecoils (as hearing specialists should tell their clients about the coil that allows better hearing at an event that has a coil and how to access that via their hearings aids), and 2. Requiring such telecoils in all government buildings. (Our NGLVC has one built into their walls in the Theatre Room).

Remember that the Bird & Nature Festival begins there this week (Thursday-Saturday). The offerings are many. Check with the Ashland Chamber for programs and registration. We always spend the day Friday and will bird-walk with David Bratley, canoe with a group for fish and fowl, and see a film called “The Messenger.” The event has grown immensely and is always interesting.

On May 17 (Our Anniversary!) you can attend “January in Antarctica” sponsored by CORE for those 55 and over. It is rescheduled, as it ironically was cancelled earlier due to snow. This will take place at the Bayfield Library from 10-11:15 a.m. Friends will share their trip and refreshments.

I would like to add a personal Thank You to Kathy Hanson who has been my copy editor for years. She is both patient and responsible. She is taking a job with The Sawyer County Record. Kathy, You were greatly appreciated!

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