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Reader Cheryl Koval spotted this blue-morph snow goose at Ashland’s Kreher Park, where it became something of a celebrity among local birders.

It’s been another good couple of weeks for bird-and wildlife-watchers around the South Shore, with a number of late-season stragglers still in the area. A recent trip to Morgan Falls and St. Peter’s Dome turned up a couple of hermit thrushes and four lovely buffleheads in the pond just north of the parking area on Ashland Bayfield Road. Another bufflehead — they’re little ducks that we only see during migration — was recently rescued form a snowbank in the national forest outside of Washburn and is currently recuperating at the Raptor Education Group facility in Antigo. He’s making progress and the staff there are excited to get to work with such a rarity.

Another straggler who has become something of a celebrity among local birders is a snow goose that hangs around the shore in Ashland. But not just any snow goose! It’s a blue morph snow goose, so it’s not the white color most of us associate with this species.

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