The author and his life companion Michelle Chiaro. Chiaro recently died of a sepsis infection. (Contributed photo)

Before I write this week’s column I have to tell you something so that you understand what is likely going to happen until early August. Tragedy has struck in a horrible way, my beautiful partner in life Michelle Chiaro died unexpectedly June 15 from sepsis, which is a bacterial invasion of the body.

I am a wreck. My family has come from all over the country and my rock, my daughter Selina, came home from Montana to help for a week. Here is where I need your help: Please bear with me for a few weeks. Together with several of my papers and Selina, we have chosen some really good columns from the 1,732 that we had to choose from to cover me for a month. Each week I will give an update and a brief description, take care of business and grieve.


Chiaro was a novice in the field, but after spending a few years with the author, she became a seasoned angler, camper and hunter, taking her first deer with a crossbow last season. (Contributed photo)

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