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The cottontail is nature’s buffet, feeding just about every predator that slinks, slithers or flies. That’s why carnivores are lucky that one female can produce dozens of kits in a year. (Contributed photo by Emily Stone.)

My typing grew halting, then paused. I gazed out of my office window, trying to figure out how to begin my next Natural Connections article. To my surprise, I had more than just mottled green lawn to look at — a fuzzy brown bunny sat nibbling on the blades!

As I watched, their little mouth worked back and forth on the patch of grass, and their ears twitched this way and that, listening to the sides and behind — then abruptly rotated forward with cartoonish focus when a burst of laughter in the office filtered out through the glass. Was the giggling something for the bunny to worry about?

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A bunny’s nose twitches 120 times per minute, exposing 100 million scent receptors in their nose to the looming presence of danger. (Contributed photo by Emily Stone)

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