Jan. 26

Caller advised that a customer came into their building and was upset about a tax issue and was threatening employees. Customer was no longer on the property.

A very rude female called the non-emergency line to demand to know why Officers were not sent to her house when she dialed 911. Dispatch called her back and she never answered. Caller was upset that that a message was left and no one knew the phone number was hers. Callers new number has been updated.

Jan. 27

Caller reported that someone has tried to break into his garage three times.

Jan. 28

Caller reported a case of bullying and said her daughter’s jacket had been stolen by someone at the school. There had been other items stolen and some bullying. Caller stated that they have gone through the school. However, there was no proof and the caller had been told that there was not much that could be done.

Jan. 29

Caller reported ongoing problems with a neighbor whose dog repeatedly gets loose. The animal has not been aggressive, but caller was concerned as the dog is very large and has gotten out everyday.

Jan. 30

Caller reported subject almost ran her off the road and she had to leave her lane of travel to avoid being struck.

Caller reported a cat left unattended for several days. The owner is in the process of moving and the caller is unsure if the owner has left any food, water or heat for it.

Caller reported recovering a loose dog. The dog is an older female beagle with no collar or tags. There were no dogs matching that description reported missing. Caller posted the information on Facebook and the owner was found.

Jan. 31

Caller reported a bike in the road for four days. The bike was picked up and brought to storage.

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