Dec. 5

Caller is requesting an officer check on a friend that called to tell him he was stuck and needed a ride. Caller said the male is highly intoxicated and stuck in someone’s driveway on a dead end road.

Caller is requesting an officer tag a deer that was hit on the highway. Caller states he will have the animal at his residence.

Lumberman’s Inn and Apple Barrel is requesting EMS for a female not feeling well and having difficulty breathing.

Caller is reporting there are cows out on Cherryville Road. All the cows were gathered up and secured before the officer arrived.

Caller is requesting a welfare check on a subject living on State Farm Road. Caller states the phone has been shut off since yesterday.

Caller states she just picked up her kids from their father’s home and her youngest told her he smelled alcohol on his dad. Caller is asking that he be checked due to the fact he is on the TAD program.

Caller from the Bad River Casino states she received several messages from estranged wife who stated she was going to throw all of the belongings out of the house. Caller is asking for an officer to speak with subject about not throwing things outside. Also states she is receiving harassing texts. Dispatch instructs caller to report harassment to local authorities, as she is in Oregon.

Caller reports a 69 year-old male experiencing difficulty breathing. Subject is paralyzed and is on oxygen.

Dec. 6

Caller reports a car/deer accident. No injuries. Extensive damage to front end. Unsure if deer needs to be dispatched.

Legendary Waters is requesting an officer and EMS to respond to the hotel for a female that was in a fight.

Caller is requesting to speak with an officer regarding the dropping of a 72 hour no contact order.

Caller from Iron River would like to speak to an officer regarding the ex not dropping off their child for visitation.

Caller reports that sometime this week someone stole iron from his land.

Legendary Waters Security would like to report a case of child abuse.

Caller on Kelly Road states there are a bunch of guys doing a deer drive by his house and he thinks they are not using black powder. Caller also reports a couple of the people are not allowed to be hunting.

Caller from Bayfield reports receiving a call from someone wanting to know his age and income for a credit rating.

Caller is reporting his neighbor is continually burning normal household garbage during the day. Caller also reports he does not follow the DNR regulations and starts burning before the time allowed.

Caller is requesting a tag for a deer that was hit by a car. Caller is not the one who hit the deer.

The Rittenhouse is requesting EMS for a 70-year-old male who collapsed in the dining room.

Caller on County Highway C is requesting EMS for his 75-year-old wife who is feeling ill.

Dec. 7

Caller on Maple Ridge Road reports a car/deer accident. No injuries. Deer ran off.

Caller on Daley Road reports a group of people gathered and it appears a fight is about to break loose.

Caller on Valley Drive reports his neighbor has parked a dump truck with a trailer blocking his driveway. Caller states this is an ongoing situation and claims his neighbor does this on purpose.

Mandated caller from Iron River is calling to report a case of child abuse. She states this happened about ten years ago.

Caller from Iron River states his stepson is threatening to harm himself and family members. Caller does not have access to weapons at this time.

Caller from Barnes is requesting EMS for a 90-year-old male who is very ill and weak.

Dec. 8

Caller is reporting that a subject is hiding out at “popcorn’s” residence and he is drinking and fighting with everyone.

Caller states her 59-year-old husband fell in the shower and they are unable to get him back up.

Caller reports her son is refusing to go to school and she would like an officer to respond to her residence.

Officer assisted the Iron River Police Department with a school lockdown drill.

Officer is requested at Bayfield High School to have a consultation with a student.

Caller is reporting he was ice fishing with his friend when his friend suddenly collapsed. The friend has now come to, but is very weak and slightly disoriented. Caller would like EMS to meet them at Rondeau’s.

Caller reports a subject is trespassing at his residence.

Autumn Manor is requesting EMS for a transport to Memorial Medical Center.

Caller from Cable states she gave out her social security number to a caller who stated they were with Stanford Loan Solutions.

9-1-1 call reporting a dead deer in the middle of the westbound lane of Highway 2 near Puyleart Road.

Caller on New Housing Road reports a female subject and 3 juveniles have just left her house, driving a vehicle and they are intoxicated.

Dec. 9

Caller on Maunu Road is requesting an ambulance for a 63 year-old female who is in pain and experiencing difficulty breathing

Structure fire reported at White River Ag Products. Mason Fire Department requests mutual aid from Marengo Fire Department. Mason Fire Department requests page from Ashland for mutual aid. Ashland aid then canceled. Scene cleared, It was not a structure fire, but corn drying.

Report of a Tan Chevrolet Impala swerving on East Sixth Street in Washburn. Officer is out with vehicle.

Caller on Omaha Street is requesting an ambulance for her 74-year old mother who is experiencing difficulty breathing and cannot move.

Caller from Highway 13 is reporting a fox that has been hit by a car. The fox is in the middle of the road and will need to be dispatched.

Officer reports removing debris off the road that was causing vehicles to swerve.

Caller reports receiving a call from a male subject who claimed to be from the sheriff’s department. Caller states the male was difficult to understand. Dispatch advised caller if male calls back not to give any personal information out.

Caller from New Housing Road reports a subject was just at her home and the subject tried to kick in her son’s window. This is an ongoing feud.

Dec. 10

Caller reports hitting a deer near Bibon Swamp. Reports the deer ran off, the vehicle has reportable damage, and caller has no injuries.

Officer reports a truck in the ditch near Forest Road 223. No injuries. Will need a tow, requested AAA.

Caller is reporting a hit and run damage while his vehicle was parked at Rocky’s. Has approximately $1500 in damage.

Caller on Trail Inn Road is reporting credit card fraud. Caller states a Visa and Master Card Associate’s are asking for credit card information.

Caller is requesting to speak with an officer as he his filling out a form regarding identify theft.

Caller on Highway 63 reports a vehicle that has gone off the road and hit a tree. The subject involved in the accident is out of the vehicle.

Transfer call from Douglas County, wife reports her 35-year-old husband is having chest pains and difficulty breathing.

Legendary Waters is requesting an ambulance for a male employee who has gotten hot grease in his eye.

Clinic in Washburn is requesting an ambulance for a 46- year old female who has high blood sugar.

Caller is requesting to speak with an officer about her neighbor’s dog crying.

Dec. 11

Caller on Broad Street is requesting an ambulance for herself as she collapsed and is dizzy.

Caller from Washburn is requesting to speak to an officer regarding a fraud call from the IRS.

9-1-1 call from Birchwood Road female states she was looking for her husband. While speaking with dispatch caller didn’t think she was at home. EMS requested.

Caller is concerned because her carbon monoxide detector has been going off the last couple of days. Caller also reports having a headache the last couple of days.

Caller on Chequemagon Road is requesting an ambulance for a 49-year old male who has fallen from a second floor, approximately 12 feet. Caller reports this is a building site and the ambulance should be able to make it down the driveway.

Caller on Bayview Park Road reports an 82-year old female needs to be transported to the hospital to be evaluated due to a fall this morning.

Caller reports she is the caretaker for children and the mother is out of town. Caller states the mother’s son is not wanted on the property or near the residence and son keeps calling.

Report of an injured doe in the middle of Highway 63. Deer is unable to move, but still alive and definitely a road hazard.

Dec. 12

Caller reports he just woke up on the side of the road between Bayfield and Red Cliff. Caller he states he does not know how he got there. Caller last remembers he was at a bar in Ashland.

Cell caller reports a deer carcass in the southbound lane of Highway 63 just north of Grand View.

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