Nov. 21

Douglas County dispatch is requesting Iron River Fire Department for mutual aid with manpower and a tanker on County Road H.

Washburn IGA reports an argument going on at the store and requesting an officer.

Caller reports he hit a deer near the bait shop on Highway 63. Caller reports there is damage to his vehicle. Deer is in the middle of the road and should be removed.

Caller reports he hit a deer north of Mason. Vehicle has some damage. Caller states he is uninjured and the deer will need to be dispatched.

Caller reports that his brother’s wallet was stolen from his hotel room. The caller believes the subject who stole the wallet may still be on the premises. Caller states the subject jumped off the second floor balcony.

Caller reports her husband has been getting calls from a subject who was just released from jail. She believes he is not to be contacting him.

Three pages for EMS service for a 50-year-old male experiencing right sided pain from the head, down to the neck and back.

81-year-old male in distress. Subject was unconscious for awhile and not breathing. subject is now breathing, and in and out of consciousness..

Nov. 22

Caller reports a car buried in the ditch on the corner of Highways A and B. Dispatch paging fire and EMS in case someone is inside the vehicle.

Caller is requesting to speak with an officer about drugs being passed at a business on Birch Bend Road last night. Caller has the drugs with her.

Dispatch received several different calls and also a call from St Mary’s reporting an assault that occurred. Subject has lacerations, bite marks, and other injuries that need to be assessed.

Caller states he is working on the new Family Dollar and reports a union cement worker stopped by and made caller very uncomfortable. Non-union workers will be at the site today and just wants to make sure there are no problems.

Caller reports he hit a deer just east of Ino Bar. There is damage to the vehicle.

Flying Eagle Resort is requesting an ambulance for a 68-year-old male whose internal defibulator is going off. Subject was shocked eight times. Paramedic on the scene is requesting an intercept. Paramedic is now requesting Lifeline. Dispatch reports back, Lifelink is unable to fly due to weather.

Nov. 23

Caller is requesting an ambulance for his wife who is vomiting and is feeling very ill. Caller is also reporting she passed out twice.

Caller is requesting assistance in getting away from her boyfriend. He was threatening to take her telephone away and smash it.

Officer reports a 76-year-old female on the floor with shallow breathing and is unconscious. Caller reports she has been sick with the flu.

Caller on South Shore Road reports someone damaged her mailbox and several others on the road. She states it appears they took the corner too fast and hit the mailboxes.

Caller on Bresette Road is requesting an officer respond to her parent’s residence. It is reported there is a couple who will not leave the house.

Caller on Blueberry Road is requesting to speak with an officer regarding the theft of some items.

Caller reports a bear hit the side of their vehicle near Forest Road 419. Occupants were too scared to get out and check for damage to their vehicle. Caller also reports location of the bear is unknown.

9-1-1 call from Omaha Street reports he had an accident and didn’t want his staff to get hurt.

Caller reports a truck in the Drummond State Bank parking lot and someone was shining flashlights in all the windows of the bank. Officer has vehicle stopped in Grand View.

Caller on County Highway A reports someone broke into her house a couple of days ago. Several minutes ago she heard someone walking around her house.

Nov. 24

Received a call from Patsy’s Bar stating there is a female on site who has been asked to leave three times. Female is now out on the smoking porch. Caller is requesting an officer respond.

Caller on West Third Street states that an assault occurred after a disagreement. A knife, golf club, and alcohol are involved.

Caller from Cable reports his nephew and friend went to Duluth yesterday and no one has heard from them today.

Caller from South Shore School would like to speak with an officer regarding some students.

9-1-1 call reporting a head on accident involving a squad car and another vehicle on US Highway 2 and Kagerville Road.

Caller on Highway 2 states she believes someone may have tampered with her electrical box. Caller reports tire tracks going into the property and behind the shed where the box is located.

Dispatch received a call of a one vehicle accident at the round about. Wrecker service dispatched.

Caller on Highway N, near Drummond reports a tree down in the lanes of traffic. Dispatch has contacted the highway department.

Caller on Pine Street is reporting a 73-year-old male experiencing chest pains and sweats.

A Bayfield School employee is requesting an officer respond to the elementary school as she had some items stolen from her classroom.

Officer was stopped by a male with a complaint about someone parking their truck on a horse pasture grade road. The subject also said the male was also baiting deer.

When the officer spoke with the owner of the truck and told him to move his truck out of the intersection he became upset.

Caller is reporting her mother was giving her a ride to the school to pick up her daughter, while enroute, they got into an argument. The mother kicked her out of the car and went on to school to pick up her granddaughter.

Reports of a vehicle parked off County Highway A that matches the description of the vehicle driven by the juveniles that are listed as missing.

Caller is reporting her ex-boyfriend came to her apartment wanting to get his belongings, as he was recently evicted. Caller wants him out as he is not be there until later today. Male subject left while caller is on the telephone with dispatch.

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