April 17

Caller from Washburn reported that her husband E-filed his taxes and received a message that the return had already been filed.

Iron River Coop reported a minor fender bender in front of the Coop. No injuries.

Report from Bayfield Street in Washburn of two large dogs running in and out of traffic.

Report from Washburn that caller had an outlet in her home that was smoking. Dispatch advised for everyone to get out of the house.

Caller wanted to speak to an officer. He had a question wanting to know if he could carry his loaded pistol on his hip while on his 4-wheeler.

April 18

Caller from Port Wing reported her ex-husband violated their no contact order by coming into the bar while she was there. There was no physical altercation but expressed fear of him and that he was stalking her.

Anonymous caller from Bayfield reported a subject dressed in all black and walking on Highway 13 towards the casino. Caller stated he was swearing and acting very strange. Contact was made and subject received a warning for his language and noise.

Caller located at the Holiday Station Store in Washburn reported that a person in a blue van pulled into the parking lot and left the vehicle running. There was a baby left in the vehicle and caller noticed a half empty bottle of beer in the center console.

Caller from Iron River reported someone hit his mailbox and stated there should be extensive damage to the vehicle as there were car parts at the scene.

Caller from Barnes reported her ex-boyfriend was at her residence standing outside her window looking at her. Dispatch spoke with male party who stated all he wanted to do was get his personal property and his dog. He also stated he was intoxicated and peed in his car.

April 19

Caller from Cable requested to speak to an officer regarding a theft of electrical equipment from his residence.

Report from Mason of military convoy vehicle that ran into the back of another military convoy vehicle. One person was injured and bleeding from the head.

Caller reported his vehicle was hit in the Cheers parking lot the night before.

Caller from Washburn requested an officer for a domestic disturbance. He stated his wife was slamming and breaking things. Also stated that she was talking continuously, wouldn’t be quiet, and was driving him crazy. While on the phone he said his son just walked in and would try to calm things down. Dispatch could hear female in the background yelling.

Caller from Washburn reported female outside of his residence who was causing a disturbance. She was yelling and banging on the windows and doors. Believes she was driving and would just like her to leave.

April 20

Caller from Drummond reported his neighbor’s dog came and killed one of his calves during the night. He spoke with the DNR and also attempted to speak to the neighbor. He states the neighbor was defensive.

Caller requested to speak to an officer regarding harassment she is receiving on Facebook.

April 21

Caller from Barnes stated she received a phone call where initially the caller said he was offering a credit card plan then the phone call turned obscene. She said he’s been calling several times.

April 22

Report from Mason of a silver camero that was swerving all over the roadway on Highway 63 from Mason. She states the vehicle is swerving into the ditch.

Caller from Iron River received a call from a male with a strong accent stating she won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Report from Bayfield of a basset hound barking for the last hour. Upon arrival the dog was back in the house.

April 23

Security from Legendary Waters Casino requested an officer for unruly patrons.

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