Oct. 24

Chairman for the Town of Eileen would like to meet with an officer regarding damage to new blacktop on Colby Road.

Caller reports his daughter called and was crying. He could hear yelling and screaming in the background. Father states son and daughter are at their mother’s for the weekend. Father does not know what is going on but he could hear the mother yelling in the background to come and get them. Father also states it is the mother’s weekend to have the children.

Minor accident at Legendary Waters. Officer is requesting EMS for a 15-year-old female with neck and back pain

Oct. 25

Officer reports he has a female subject that he has picked up on the side of the road.

Caller from Barnes reports he hit a deer and there is major damage to the front end of his vehicle. Caller advises he will have the vehicle towed, as the vehicle is not a hazard.

Caller reports seeing headlights in a swamp at County A in Barnes.

Ashland County is requesting a Red Cliff officer locate a female subject who they need to reach to do a death notification.

Caller reports he rented a U-Haul trailer a few days ago and today the trailer came off his truck and ended up in the ditch. Caller states that there is damage to the trailer and he has been unable to reach the rental office in Cable.

Caller reports being stuck. Caller’s GPS gives position. Tow truck enroute.

Caller on Community Road requesting EMS for herself, as she has been very ill lately, vomiting and passing out.

Reports of trees and brush on fire on Scenic Drive. No structures seen. Appears to be campfire that got out of control.

Officer out with deer in the middle of the road on Highway 63. Officer dispatched deer and passerby would like to have it tagged so he can take it.

Caller is requesting a property check. Caller states he received a call stating that someone is at the residence and there should be no one at this residence.

Caller reports hearing a gunshot southeast of his home on Maple Hill Road.

Oct. 26

Officer is requesting the Mason EMS for a 55-year-old male who was in the Mason area when he made contact with the officer. Male is complaining of illness and numbness in his arm.

Caller is reporting that a cabinet in his shop was broken into and one of two guns was taken.

Caller is requesting an officer respond to Blueberry Road as male subject is being verbally abusive and caller would like him removed from her residence.

Caller reports seeing a suspicious male walking on the 18th fairway on the golf course. Caller also states the male hid his face from him and threw something into the woods.

Caller reports that someone stole two of his traps from the Moquah barrens off Fire Road 236. Caller also states they took the coyotes that were in the traps.

Caller on County Highway C is requesting a wrecker as he had a tire blow out.

Legendary Waters is requesting an office respond to the hotel to assist with disgruntled guests.

Caller on South Long Lake Road is requesting EMS for her mother as she has been very ill lately and now unable to get up off the couch and also incoherent.

Caller on Van De Bruggen Road reports doors to his storage unit are damaged.

Reports of a silage fire being reignited on Highway 63.

Officer came upon a vehicle in the ditch on State Farm Road. All occupants are okay. Vehicle operator is waiting for her husband.

Oct. 27

Requesting Red Cliff Police Department break up a loud party on Water Tower Road.

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