Oct. 9

Washburn IGA is requesting an officer respond to pick up some pills that were found in their parking lot.

Caller from Barnes reports that she and her neighbors believe there is an individual stalking them. They have witnessed him sitting on their road at night with the lights off.

Caller on Junek’s Point Road reports that some type of accident occurred in front of their house while they were gone. There is debris over the road and caller found a license plate.

9-1-1 call requesting an ambulance for her 57-year-old husband that she could not wake up. While on the telephone with dispatch the 9-1-1 caller told dispatch an ambulance was no longer needed. Caller said her husband was ”coming out of it.”

Lifeline is requesting an officer respond to check on a client.

Caller reports he was traveling on Highway 13 and something fell off a vehicle he was following and smashed into his windshield. Caller also states there is a lot of debris on the highway. Another call was received reporting am exploding port-o-potty near Good Thyme. Officer reports back this is related to the accident.

Douglas County received a report of a one-vehicle rollover and the vehicle is on fire. Everyone was out of the vehicle and no injuries.

Dispatch received an open-air call. The conversation sounded as though people were concerned about something, possibly arguing. Call was a verbal argument between 18-year-old female and her 17-year-old boyfriend. The 16-year-old sister dialed 9-1-1 as she was afraid argument was going to get out of hand.

Oct. 10

70-year-old female is requesting an ambulance for herself. Caller is experiencing acute backache that comes and goes.

Transfer call from Douglas County regarding a deer hit on Highway 27. There is major damage to her vehicle. Deer is on the side of the road and she would like the deer tagged.

9-1-1 call reporting a stalled vehicle in the round-a-bout.

G & M Country Store reports a gas drive off. Caller does not believe this was intentional.

Caller is reporting her 44 year old who has been doing drugs is out of control. Caller reports at this time he is sitting in his vehicle with a propane tank in the vehicle with him.

Bayfield School is requesting an officer respond for unruly students.

Caller is reporting a truck and trailer is blocking the driveway at the condos on Bayfield Street.

Caller on County Highway K is reporting a theft of an outdoor camera and ground blinds from his property

Caller on Bayfield Street is requesting an officer respond to investigate the outside of her home. Her dog is acting very strange and would like someone to check it out.

Caller reports a vehicle in the ditch on Highway 63. Unknown injuries. Second caller is now on scene. Tow truck and EMS contacted.

Caller from Tri Lakes Timbers called to report an ATV accident. Caller states they pulled the ATV off the driver and that subject is unconscious and bleeding, but not able to tell where his injuries are. EMS and Lifelink are notified.

Caller reports car/bear accident. Passenger has facial injuries. Bear ran off. Caller is a passerby and is standing by until EMS arrives. EMS and tow truck contacted.

Caller is reporting her 59- year-old husband took his medication and is now throwing up. Officer on scene and is requesting intercept for subject who has taken a medication in error and is having a reaction.

Oct. 11

Caller is reporting his vehicle is on fire on US Highway 2, ten miles west of Ashland.

Legendary Waters is requesting an officer for suspicious activity at the hotel.

Requesting EMS, caller is a 80 year old male who is feeling weak, has grayish color and a heart history.

Caller is requesting an officer go to his residence and make sure his ex-girlfriend is not there and did not take money that he has in a can.

Caller reports he lost his keys while at Whistle Stop Race. His vehicle will be towed sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.

Caller reports that a young boy just ran into her house saying that there were boys after him and were trying to beat him up. While caller was on the phone with dispatch, the boy ran out of the house. Dispatch could hear a lot of yelling and screaming.

Caller on New Housing Road would like an officer to respond to his residence because the neighbor’s kids are throwing rocks at his vehicle and house.

Legendary Waters Casino is reporting there are kids causing a disturbance in the campground.

Ashland dispatch is asking if an officer could assist a Bad River officer with getting permission to search her vehicle which was located and may possibly have stolen items in it.

Oct. 12

Caller from Bayfield on the Lake is requesting an ambulance for a 23-year-old female with electrical burns to the legs.

Caller is requesting an ambulance for a 48–year-old male who is a quadriplegic and having trouble breathing.

Caller is reporting that her son noticed a pickup truck pulling a trailer with approximately 12 Hispanic males in their late teens wearing backpack chemical sprayers. Last seen near Forest Road 234B. Caller thought this situation odd and therefore reported it.

Caller on Werden Avenue would like to speak to an officer regarding an item that is missing from her yard.

Caller reports they were tracking a deer and got lost in the woods. There are three subjects and they will stay where they are until an officer contacts them. All were located.

Oct. 13

Caller on George Street, is requesting EMS for her 75-year-old husband who is feeling weak and confused.

Caller from Red Cliff reports that her son did not come home last night.

Caller from Highway 63 is reporting a silo fire.

Caller is reporting that his father took his cell phone from his vehicles this morning. Father claims he does not have it. Caller is requesting dispatch to activate the GPS on the telephone. Dispatch advised only an officer can authorize this procedure. Dispatch will have an officer contact caller.

Caller is requesting EMS for a 48-year-old male with difficulty breathing. Lifelink is unable to respond due to weather.

Caller states she found a purse on the neighbor’s property that had been recently stolen. Officer will respond to address.

Caller from the Little Store in Iron River, reports she lost her wallet at location. Male subjects can be seen on camera picking it up and taking it.

Caller from Cable would like it on record that he went to retrieve his scaffolding and

Individual at home slammed the door in his face.

Caller from Washburn reports another post on Facebook regarding getting beat .

Caller from Maggie’s is reporting a 70-75-year-old male dizzy and keeps falling over when he tries to stand up.

Oct. 14

9-1-1 hang-up call. Dispatch called the number back and subject thought someone was in her yard. When they went out to check, it was someone they knew and they told that individual to leave.

Caller is requesting two officers to respond to the area of Johnson’s Store to assist in moving a house from White Birch Road to Highway 13.

Caller is requesting an officer at the Eileen Town Garage this evening for a town meeting. Caller believes there may be some problems due to the discussion of a possible hog farm.

World Class Manufacturing is requesting an officer respond regarding an issue with an employee.

A walk-in to the sheriff’s department has requested to speak with an officer regarding death threats to his daughter.

Caller on Lake Road states a male stopped her and stated there is an electrical wire that has broken and is on fire in the middle of the road.

Caller from the Drummond Schools is requesting an officer stop today or tomorrow, as there is a student that needs to report some domestic violence at home.

Caller from Bark River Road is asking to speak with an officer about some criminal damage and intimidation of a witness.

Red Cliff Health Clinic would like a welfare check on a subject who had one of his medications discontinued today and was angry when he left the clinic.

Caller on Kavanaugh Road is reporting threats from her husband, whom she left today. He threatened to strangle and shoot her.

Caller reports allowing his girlfriend to take his debit/credit card to the casino and get $20 cash. They have since broken up and caller wants his money back.

Caller on West Fourth Street reports her clothing was stolen off her clothesline last Wednesday night and she has now learned that several of her neighbors have had things stolen and their garage broken into.

Caller is requesting EMS for herself whose chief complaint is a toothache. Caller states she is five and a half months pregnant and also has a fever. She has no one to drive her to the emergency room and is requesting EMS take her.

Oct. 16

Reports a vehicle in the ditch, on Highway 137. Subject partially out of vehicle. Caller will wait at scene until unit responds. Lifelink advised they are unable to fly due to weather. Wrecker service contacted.

Holiday Station Store is reporting a gas drive off in the amount of $20.

Caller is reporting an old boat trailer on his property in Oulu.

Caller from Cable is reporting a fraud charge on her Wells Fargo account credit card.

Landowner from Gordon is reporting that he will be speaking to a neighbor who he will be informing that he can no longer hunt on his land. Caller anticipates that this neighbor may be upset and just wants this on record in case there is trouble.

Caller on Blueberry Road reports a male trespassing on her property. Caller asked the male to leave, but he refused.

Caller from Long Lake heard gunshots and then heard bullets flying through the trees near him. Officer reports that the parties who were shooting were on ATVs and are no longer in the area.

Caller is calling on behalf of a male who hit a bear on Highway 13, near Port Wing and would like a tag for the bear.

Caller outside a residence on County Highway A reports just seeing a black bear outside the residence that started running up toward the house. Caller went back into the house and locked the door.

Caller from Blueberry Road states his neighbors woke him up to report someone was outside his residence acting suspicious and prowling around. Caller states he did go outside with his dog and did see people leave the area of the apartment building.

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