May 29

Caller from Bayfield reports three motorbikes racing from Old County Hwy. K towards the City of Bayfield.

Caller from Bayfield reports a small red sports car past their driveway and someone was calling for help. When the caller approached the car, the car sped away quickly and people were laughing.

May 30

Caller from Ashland reports receiving a fraudulent call from the “IRS” saying that the IRS was suing him.

Caller from Washburn reports a medium-sized red or rust-colored dog was running around south of the animal hospital on Hwy 13.

Caller from Washburn reports stolen medication.

Caller from Washburn reports he locked his keys in his car with his dog inside.

Caller from Washburn reports a strong smell of gasoline in her basement.

Caller from Mason reports three horses came into her yard and that she has corralled them. One is a buckskin, black mane with a white crest; another is a pinto, white and tan; and the last one is black.

Caller from Bayfield reports his neighbors are having a huge bonfire, which he fears may get out of control.

May 31

Caller from Drummond reports a group of kids knocked down a robin’s nest at the school and killed the birds.

Caller from Iron River reports a missing chocolate lab mix that goes by “Otis” and is brownish in color with yellow eyes and a collar.

June 1

Caller from Washburn reports a lost male longhaired gray cat without a collar.

June 2

Caller from Washburn IGA reports a small beagle running around in the parking lot.

Caller from Mason reports a silver Ford swerving and heading north on U.S. Hwy. 63.

Caller from Iron River reports big chunks of mud on the roadway on County Hwy. A, north of Iron River.

June 3

Caller from Washburn reports a green semi driving recklessly traveling north on St. Hwy. 13.

Red Cliff Housing Authority reports theft on their property.

Caller from Bayfield reports that someone is burning garbage in town.

Caller from Cornucopia reports a gray Chevrolet pickup driving recklessly.

Caller from Washburn reports the sewer is backing up into his basement.

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