Received a 911 call from male reporting female beat him up in a bar and it should be on video.

Received a 911 call from a female with a male threatening her in the background. While dispatch was trying to get any information, the caller said “I’m bigger than he is” and hung up.

Caller reported hearing what sounded like a gunshot. When asked if what she heard could have been fireworks, she responded that it could have been.

Jan. 3

Concerned citizen reported male taking large amounts of driftwood from the beach near Sandbar Beach. Was advised that the subject was removing timber from the shore. No problem.

Jan 5

Received call that a guitar, amp and rent money was stolen from house while caller was gone for two days.

Jan. 6

Motorist reported a female in parking lot screaming at a male and causing a disturbance for at least five or more minutes. Transport to jail.

Jan. 7

Caller reported a Tom Cat wandering around the area. Caller had been feeding it but now wanted it trapped.

Jan. 9

Caller reported a $35.36 gas drive off at Holiday Gas Station.

Caller reported an adult mountain bike in a snow bank.

Super One Liquor reported a theft.

Jan. 10

Female caller requested a push as her power chair was stuck in the snow.

Jan. 11

Caller found a male black cat that appeared to be well fed. She said she would keep the cat at her house until animal control could come and pick it up.

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