Jan. 12

Caller heard an explosion in her basement. Her maintenance person told her to call dispatch.

An employee at Tomlinson’s reported a two vehicle traffic accident in the alley behind the shop. No injuries reported and both parties were on the scene.

Caller reported receiving a voice message from someone claiming he was being sued by the IRS for taxes owed and left a number to call. Upon calling the number back, the caller asked for documentation to support the claim and the male hung up the line.

Caller reported a break in at the Chequamegon clinic. The back door was broken. Sink was plugged and the water was left running.

Jan. 13

An employee at Walgreens reported a car struck his truck while it was parked in the lot. Another employee observed the incident and reportedly saw the driver talking on a cell phone and struck the truck while apparently not noticing the impact and then continued on.

Jan. 15

Caller reported the theft of a spare tire off the caller’s vehicle.

Caller reported fraudulent use of his credit card that occurred in November of last year.

Caller reported a vehicle that was speeding, crossing the center line and speeding. The vehicle was stopped by Officer, field sobriety was administered and suspect transported to jail.

Jan. 16

Caller reported that someone took his wallet from his vehicle. The wallet contained credit cards and driver’s license.

Caller stated that the party who lives in the apartment across from her was locked out by an unseen party and was out in the hallway cussing and kicking the door.

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