Feb. 9

Clerk at EZ Payday Loans reported being robbed. Male subject came in to wire money and when the clerk opened the teller, subject pointed a gun at her and demanded money from the cash register, subject took $70 in cash and left the store.

Caller reported her cat ran away two months ago. It was a male gray cat with stripes and no collar.

Caller reported he was nearly run off the road by another vehicle that was travelling in the wrong lane.

Caller requested to speak to an Officer about someone taking pills out of the narcotic box.

Feb. 10

Proprietor reported a female subject that stole some jewelry. She was outside the store with a male and a second female was still inside the store. The property was returned.

Holiday Gas Station reported a gas drive off of $20.01.

Feb. 12

Caller reported another vehicle struck her car while it was parked and then left the scene. Caller only reported a scuff to her bumper.

Feb. 14

Caller reported her car was parked outside and left unlocked. Several items were taken from inside the vehicle.

Caller wanted an Officer to stop by his house and take a report of the egging that occurred. The caller stated there was no damage to his property but was very unhappy about the situation and wanted to report it.

Feb. 15

There was a report of an abandoned blue BMX bike in alleyway for about a week.

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