Dec. 4

Caller from Willy Johnson Road reports she went down a dead end road and is now stuck on ice. She has four young girls with her and it is starting to get cold. Second

9-1-1 call reporting the same. Caller states the GPS took them to the a wrong location. They declined a wrecker as they did not think they could afford one. Dispatch instructed caller to have everyone remain inside the vehicle where it is warm and wait for an officer.

Dec. 5

Caller is requesting a welfare check for his child and child’s mother in Marengo.

Caller from Glidden would like to speak with an officer regarding a possible scam.

Caller from Glidden believes that a construction crew working next door to his mother’s is stealing her power.

Dec. 6

Second call from Bear Crossing stating there is a female hitchhiker who is bothering the customers. This caller reports that hitchhiker “is not all there.”

Caller is requesting to meet an officer on the highway to claim a deer that was struck by a car.

Dec. 7

Caller reports hitting a deer last night near Right of Way Road. No injuries, but the vehicle has damage. Caller reports the animal was dead and she took the carcass back to her home.

Resident on 5th Street reports a red ATV pulling two kids on a sled near 11th Avenue West. Caller states he thought there was to be no ATV use on city property.

Caller on Highway 169 is requesting to have a female removed from his home.

Dec. 8

Motorist from High Bridge reports that it appears a whole bag of roofing nails may have fallen off a truck and the nails are spread on the highway. Caller states he has several of them in his tires.

Highway Department is reporting a vehicle in the ditch on Highways 13 and 77 just north of Glidden.

Caller is reporting a peeping tom. Caller states she got home from work at 2 a.m., and when she woke up there are footprints leading up to her window.

Officer reporting a tree fell on a electrical line, officer will call Price County Electric.

Dec. 9

Caller is reporting he found a cell phone with possible drug sale information.

Caller’s son from Odanah reports he walked to a neighbor’s house when things were going on at his house that shouldn’t be. The neighbor called the boy’s father and the father asked to have an officer respond.

Caller from Glidden is requesting to speak with an officer regarding her husband who kicked her and her two year-old out.

Dec. 10

Transfer call from Bayfield County dispatch regarding a call from a logging truck driver reporting a horse and colt walking in the lane of travel on Highway 112.

Towing company reports he will pulling a vehicle out of the ditch on Highway 13 and 77 at Glidden.

Ashland County Forester advises a vehicle in the ditch on County Highway F. No injuries. Appears to have no damage and operator is not around. Driver left note not to tow.

Caller on Huhn Road reports an ongoing problem with a neighbor operating his snowmobile at a high rate of speed through her yard.

Caller is requesting an officer go to her mother’s on Highway 13 and tell her that there is a family emergency and the family is on their way to Duluth.

9-1-1 call reporting the caller is concerned about her grandchildren. Caller states the mother is packing up the kids and taking them somewhere. It is reported the mother took three children and supposedly getting a room at the Lodge, three other children at still at the residence.

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