April 16

Report from Bad River Casino that casino security found a bag of marijuana on the floor and would like to turn it over to police.

Caller from Glidden stated she believes her neighbor has stolen things from her yard and thrown trash all over her lawn.

Caller from Ashland reported someone stole her clonazepam medication while she was cleaning up her house.

April 17

Caller from Ashland reported a pickup was just at a gate on a private driveway and appeared to be tampering with the gate. There was also a 4 wheeler that seemed to be riding with the truck. Younger male driver and younger female passenger.

April 18

Motorist reported a blue Ford Taurus on the side of Jolma Road near Marengo. A female yelled to him to call 9-1-1. Caller thought is looked like a male inside the vehicle was hitting the female. There were also several children in the vehicle.

Caller from Butternut reported her medication was missing and possibly stolen.

Caller from Butternut requested an officer in regards to his brother who came to get his belongings and was refusing to leave and threatened to punch the caller.

Caller from Glidden reported that a small black sports car was ripping around town at very excessive speeds. Stated it went down to Highway 13 and the whole time she could hear squealing tires.

April 20

Dispatch received several calls reporting a domestic disturbance in Odanah. Dispatch spoke with a small child who said her “mom was getting beat up by her daddy”. The small child said that “mommy was hurt”. Dispatch could hear screaming in the background.

Mellen Midland Services reported a gas drive off.

Report from Ashland of a vehicle speeding down the road. Her husband went out to get plate number and the vehicle stopped, backed into her husband, and then left.

Report from Butternut of ongoing problems with neighbor kids knocking loudly on her door and then running away.

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