Nov. 17

Caller reports seeing a male sleeping in a car with a baby in the back. Caller states vehicle is covered in snow.

Caller on East Main Street reports a male breaking into her car. Caller states now a male and female are going through her vehicle.

9-1-1 call. Dispatch could hear a female screaming in the background. Caller is requesting officers.

An administrator is reporting medications stolen from the narcotic box sometime last week.

Concerned citizen reports receiving a phone call from a friend regarding a male that may be homeless. Caller states subject has been hanging around inside the library and that he would show up wrapped in a blanket.

Nov. 18

Caller is requesting to speak with an officer about “unlawful restraints” by a female doctor at a clinic. Caller states he told the doctor “10 times” he wanted to leave until she finally moved out of the way.

A Court Manor Nursing Home employee reports seeing two men looking in the windows of the building.

The hospital reports a vehicle pulled over on Beaser Avenue in front of the apartment buildings and a large group of people are fighting.

Caller is reporting on behalf of a female subject her that ambien was stolen from a locked box in her residence.

Nov. 19

Walk-in to the sheriff’s department lobby to report her son has received threats over Facebook.

Caller is requesting to speak with an officer regarding her neighbors. Caller can hear the dogs barking and usually sees them by this time of the day. Caller states both of their vehicles are in the driveway. Subjects do not answer their door.

Caller on Cary Street reporting a scam/fraud issue. States an insurance agent came to their door a few weeks ago and caller is now concerned it was a scam.

Caller on highway 13 reports her wheel bearing snapped and she is unable to move her vehicle. West-bound lane of travel is blocked. Wrecker dispatched.

Officer out with an intoxicated male who had been falling down near Little Caeser’s.

Nov. 20

9-1-1 call, a male subject reports an individual is threatening them and causing a disturbance. This individual was acting weird and running through the house, yelling and believed he was intoxicated. Caller then stated the individual is threatening to kill everyone while the caller attempted to leave.

Caller would like to speak with an officer regarding a problem with her landlord. Caller states she had not paid her rent and the landlord wants to evict her.

Caller on East 8th Street reports stolen items from the porch.

A customer from Wal-Mart found what looks like a small baggie of drugs and would like an officer to pick it up.

Super One manager reports an active shoplifter in the store. Officer is now requesting EMS for a male who is disoriented and may have mixed up his medications or possibly did not take his medications.

Nov. 21

Caller from the Middle School is requesting to speak with an officer about a bullying issue that needs to be addressed.

Ashland Middle School reports a female student got into an altercation with another student and chased him off campus. Male student is safe. The whereabouts of the female student is unknown. No injuries reported. School unable to contact female’s mother.

Motorist reports hitting another vehicle at Wal-Mart.

Caller states she came home and her son’s Playstation 2 and about $300 worth of games are missing. Caller texted individual who she believed took it and he stated he hid it. She did not give individual permission.

Nov. 22

Caller states that his son has not been brought to him for his visitation per the court order. He was instructed by his attorney to call the police when the visitation did not happen.

Caller is requesting to speak to an officer regarding her recent eviction and the remainder of her property still inside the residence, including her medication.

Reporting the theft of a red Schwin mountain bike from Willis Avenue.

Caller is requesting an officer take her eight month old into protective custody. The boyfriend left the residence with the child and is now wandering the streets. Caller is refusing to speak with a officer since she “doesn’t like cops.”

Nov. 23

9-1-1 call reporting a fight at the Neighborly Bar. Fight has now moved out onto Beaser Avenue. Many witnesses outside.

Caller from Super One Foods is reporting a corn dog eating theft.

9-1-1 call – Dispatch could hear a female asking a male to stop and keeps saying “don’t.” Upon callback, dispatch could hear muffled voices and reference to female stating she does not want to die. Male references a gun and knife.

9-1-1 call from a disconnected cell phone wanting a male removed from the residence. Caller states he pulled her hair and wants him gone. Six year old child is present. No EMS needed.

Caller on Beaser Avenue reports that someone slashed the tires on his car, which parked inside a locked garage. Also stated only one person has a key to the garage.

Further states that a guest also had their tires slashed.

Caller is reporting that the father of her child has their child and is in the presence of another female that has not pass a background check.

Nov. 24

Walk-in to the sheriff’s department requesting a welfare check on a female subject who has been making threats to harm herself with a razor blade.

Case worker would like an officer respond so she may report an incident that happened with her client.

Caller reporting his son has not been home for days and wants to report him missing. Caller states he knows where he is, but the house where he is keeps denying it and will not let him in.

Walk-in to the sheriff’s office reports she was recently evicted and her personal items were placed in the hall and she has no way to get her belongings.

Caller is reporting his 16-year-old daughter will not come home and is staying at a house where an 18-year-old male lives.

Nov. 25

Caller reports receiving text messages from a number he does not believe is intended for him. Text mentions a girl’s name and cocaine.

Report of a theft off a delivery truck parked at Super H Foods.

Nov. 26

Caller states he would to report a check fraud. Stolen check used at Radio Shack.

Motorists report a male standing in the middle of Main Street. Reports the male was on a bike and was refusing to move.

Reports of kids throwing snowballs at cars on East 6th Street.

Nov. 27

Caller is requesting to speak with an officer about her 16-year-old son, who is out of control.

Caller on Stuntz Avenue reports her vehicle was taken sometime last night or this morning. Stated that no one had permission to use vehicle.

Report of an accident on Chapple Avenue and 11th Street West.

Caller would like to report her boyfriend missing. She states they were last together on East Lakeshore Drive around midnight. Dispatch advises an officer will stop and speak with her.

Nov. 28

Caller is reporting a truck hit his vehicle at TownMart.

Super H Foods is reporting a shoplifting complaint. Subject is no longer at the store.

Nov. 29

Caller from Holiday Gas Station reporting another vehicle rear ended her vehicle and other party does not want to take responsibility for damage.

Caller reports a custody exchange has turned into a physical altercation.

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