White River Store 1

The Miller family operates the White River Country Market on Highway 118 south of Ashland, a store they opened a year ago as a roadside stand selling handing flower baskets.

Linford and Rhoda Miller brought their family of four boys and one girl to Ashland County in 2020 at the request of their Mennonite Church, moving from the Abbotsford area to start an outreach mission church.

“We were one of nine families asked to move here,” Linford said.

White River Store 2

Baking supplies in retail or bulk amounts are available at the store.

White River Store 3

Fresh Cheese and eggs, including brown eggs, are popular commodities at the White River Country Market.

White River Store

Snacks, pasta, jellies, jams and currants are all available at the store. As fruits and vegetables become available, they will be added.

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