High Speeds

The UMSS will make its first-ever appearance this weekend at the ABC Raceway. The Raceway hopes to host about 20 of these non-winged “traditional” sprints cars on Saturday — including Bryan Roach (99) and Jon Lewerer (69) — with triple-digit speeds being the norm.

The ABC Raceway will be hosting the United Midwest Sprint Car Series (UMSS) for the first time ever this coming Saturday, as part of a huge six-division program to be presented by the NAPA Auto Parts stores of Ashland and Washburn.

 Upwards of 20 of these high-horsepower, non-winged “traditional” sprints are expected to be on hand to turn amazing lap times around the sticky-fast three-eighths-mile red-clay oval. Triple-digit speeds could be the norm, rather than the exception, with these machines.

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